days are going by faster and faster... i love the age i am right now, but sometimes time moves too quickly.. i try to take time to be still and enjoy my moments, breathing, by the reservoir with liam. not that i'm not a young person anymore, but youth really is wasted on the young. i am just now beginning to realize the privileges and power i have as a human being with a willing mind. probably 20 years of my life were clouded in fear and doubt because of negative thought patterns, materialism, religion, and death. i suppose i was a shallowly happy girl for much of my life, which is better than many human being's lives, i know. if only then, when i was very young and resilient, i had known how to be aware of my thoughts and to be wary of information i was given. i wonder what i would be like if i had been raised without religion or the media. both really did scar me a bit. well, perhaps i am better off this way. i must be.. the challenges have made me stronger and i do cherish this life i've led, so much. i am happy with the being i am becoming.. i sometimes just wish i had arrived here sooner! it's much more comfortable and enjoyable. with every passing day i feel safer and safer, like im heading home. age is a high price for wisdom, someone said this, and i agree. i'll just keep exercising, meditating, eating well, breathing, wearing sunblock, and working hard on purusha so that i age nicely and maybe have a little $ for some kids one day. i do love it right now, right where i am. what an exciting beautiful time to be alive!
sometimes i paint i paint for fun, and i think this is why i love it so much. there is no pressure to perform or sell, it's all good times. i set up a little etsy shop for my artwork. we'll see what happens! check it out!
summer rose preview the antique rose silky shrug wrap coming soon to etsy!
seashell sounds beach days are almost here! you'll need this top! the seashore henley tank top!
etsy favorites i've been so busy with new designs for summer/fall! i need more blog time :) for now, here are some of my favorite items on etsy. i love etsy :) surfing that site is like a hobby of mine! i love to support a real artist too!
new clothes! purusha summer clothes are coming out in a few short weeks! they are hot! for now, please continue to enjoy the purusha spring line!
real love sometimes i am so overwhelmed with how much love i feel for my little buddy guy, liam. he is such a kind little deer, a real comedian, and he is my personal trainer. liam has been my constant companion for the past 5 years, and now it's hard for me to even imagine what my life was like before him. my boy has taught me so much about love and patience and deep breathing! i love this dog!
vintage yoga purse purusha is now featuring vintage yoga bags! enjoy this coral wicker bag by gloria astor :) see it here: vintage yogalates purse on etsy
water and buds this weekend i reflected on the calming presence of water and the arousing qualities of buds in springtime.

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