It all started with a dream...

Since 2009 my clothing brand has been called Purusha People. I started the business at 23 years old because there were literally no yoga brands except Lululemon and Prana at that time, and I thought we needed other more vibrant clothes to move in! I lived at home with my parents and had no clue what I was doing with my life. I waitressed, worked on a farm, and sold a few pieces of clothing here and there on Etsy. I was deep into yoga at that time, hence the name Purusha People.

Purusha is a Sanskrit Yoga word that means the breath of the universe, the infinite soul within all beings. Beautiful, I know. But I’m sure you can imagine how tired it became to: 1. Spell the word out every time I talked about my brand, 2. Know the spelling and pronunciation just flew over the listener’s head (no judgement! It’s not a familiar word), 3. Hope this person could ever find me again by googling paroosha or prusha, and 4. Explain the meaning of the word. I didn’t mind this process years ago because I was passionate about the word. I had authenticity and confidence behind it.

As years went by I changed. Of course we all inevitably change with time, but with something like an established business it’s really hard to know what changes to make and what to leave alone. I NEVER thought I could change my business name! ‘Too risky, it’s not worth it.’ ‘It’s not a bad name.’ ‘It’s too complicated.’ 'What would you change it to anyways?' So I put that thought away and chugged along until...

One night after rocking and singing Sheppy to sleep in our bed I sang myself to sleep. I passed out deeply and barely woke throughout the night. Before bed I usually read or work or plan... lots of thinking. That night I had no time to think. My conscious mind tapped out completely and my subconscious dominated my dreams. I woke up the next morning with this surreal sense of peace and knowing. I said to Patrick before I even opened my eyes, “I need to change my business!”

I dreamt that my life had turned out very differently, the result of making unorthodox decisions. I was living in the UK, driving with Shep in a vintage automobile on a back country road. My clothing brand was ME. I hung out with other clothing designers! I took risks with my brand and created what I loved! I had a collaboration with Old Navy!I didn’t just make yoga/activewear, but simply clothes I liked. There were blazers, cropped Audrey Hepburn like pants with a vintage 70s twist. It’s hard to relay abstract feelings and designs from a dream, but I knew in my heart at that moment what I needed to do and who I needed to become.

It was me all along. Hayley Elliott. I’m hoping I’m not coming across as vain because I swear I’m not obsessed with myself, but rather I want to trust myself. I want to understand my path and what I’m meant to share while I’m here. One thing I know is it isn’t another pair of fucking printed leggings. It’s inspired design, clothing I see in my dreams.

I started Purusha because the clothing I wanted didn’t exist. Now we have hundreds of activewear brands to choose from. I never dreamed of creating more of what we didn’t need. It crushes my heart to be a tiny yoga brand making the same exact shit as another brand. I can barely tell the difference between Alo, Onzie, Fabletics, Ultracor, Varley. We don’t need more of the same. And we shouldn’t call ourselves designers if all we’re doing is making more printed leggings. It’s evident anyone can do it. Our customers deserve thoughtful designs, not knock offs “created” by some dude trying to hop on the athleisure bandwagon and make a quick buck. I never want to hear ‘fashion forward activewear’ or ‘from studio to street’ again, like it’s some new innovation and there’s a gap in the market. I'm off on a tangent here, I’ve just been frustrated with this marketplace I’m in.

To sum this up, your subconscious knows. You might not know yet, but your subconscious will reveal what you need to do. There’s no stopping it, it’ll bubble to the surface in some form. I didn’t know I needed to be Hayley Elliott, and then I just knew. Your gut, your heart can’t lie. Don’t think too hard, don’t try to be too clever. There’s so much more to you than you realize, and it will take shape when you’re ready and your mind is relaxed and open. You absolutely can trust your heart and listen to the messages the universe is quietly whispering to you. I’m trusting mine.


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