about purusha
 purusha is the brainchild of everything i consider creative and lovely in my life.  who am i?  i am hayley elliott.  i am 25 years old.  i live in the hills of connecticut and i am looking towards the seas of california.  i live for my dreams.
i love beauty, yoga, being comfortable while challenging myself at the same time, bicycling, animals (especially my yellow lab liam), trees and flowers, the ocean, the sun, evolution, and the cycles of nature.  
i wondered for a while how i could ever pick one thing to dedicate my life to.  i love so many things!  and man, do i love ideas. . . sometimes i just like the idea itself so much and know i have no plan of carrying it out. . .it's just the thrill of the idea!
life is funny how it confuses you!  i sometimes thought that i was decent at so many things, but not really very exceptional at one thing.  i didn't know that i could take those things and put them all together to build (what i consider) my own work of genius, and be satisfied by it.
what is purusha?  it is a sanskrit word that literally means 'man' but metaphorically means 'the soul of the universe, or the eternal breath within all beings' breath'.  this is what it looks like in sanskrit:
i use the cosmos and the cycles of nature for my inspiration artistically.  
photography+experimenting with plant dyes+yoga+meditation+lounging & sipping tea = time well spent
purusha enables me to be able to use both my heart and my mind in harmony.  the dark and the light, the rational and the emotional, the art and the business. . . good things come in pairs.  i am learning to dance the fine line between my dreams and reality.


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