sticker! everyone keeps telling me to get a purusha sticker made and put it on my car for some good free advertising! sooo today i finally ordered one! here's what it's going to look like! : vista print is awesome :)
summer will stretch out before us! me and my sister living it up in the sun
etsy shop i put some last season items up for sale on my etsy shop... new things coming in a few weeks!
spring clothing! the vernal equinox is not far!! the sky today looked like a warm spring evening sky! i'm thinking about spring and summer clothes and feeling excited to design some awesome clothing for warm weather!! it's putting me in the spring spirit! right now i'm working on a new line for drishti in santa barbara, and working at getting some more inventory going so that i can update my etsy shop (it's been a while!) as well as have items to sample and sell at more local shops and studios! writing a business plan and thinking like a business woman does not come naturally to me, so i am training myself. i've been reading, writing, measuring figures and numbers... and ugh it's rough!! it is a million times better though than the alternative of not knowing what the hell i'm doing and failing at it! i'd like a business plan for my own personal use, to help purusha now and in the future. i don't know if i should try to get a loan because i don't like borrowing money. can a small business start out with close to nothing? does this ever happen? lucky for me though, i do have a small angel investor ;)... i feel that if i just get a purusha money pile growing, even if it starts out small, that's better than losing money! i used to share my personal bank account with purusha, but no more! purusha money will only be used for purusha! so simple! and then maybe i won't ever have to borrow money?! is this possible? here are some hang tags for the drishti shop... the front side is going to be a sticker!
c.h.k. republic when kate, colleen, and i were young we always had a million weird ideas and games in our little creative heads! we ran a children's summer camp, had a pressed flower card company, sold beads on the side of the road... etc, etc... we also had a 'clothing' company, the c.h.k. republic. us girls took pictures of each other modeling hip outfits-- a skirt with suspenders over a floral cotton tee, and sneaker mary janes with a small heel would equal a get-up worth photographing in the 90's. i'm gonna have to dig up some of those photos and scan them.. they are amazing:) it's funny that c.h.k. republic came back to life briefly while colleen, kate, and i took photos for purusha. everything comes in cycles it seems. i wonder how else memories of my simple little entrepreneurial childhood will come up as i progress with purusha!
my little room this is my perfectly small space where i dream and create until my head and heart are satisfied!
purusha 2010 i have this feeling that purusha is going to do really well in 2010. i have a much better handle on how to run a business then i did a year ago. right now i am working on sewing my own yoga pants! it is very fun, and i'm thinking with a few more trials and errors i will have a prototype ready! i will be creating a new spring line for drishti in santa barbara! hope everyone is enjoying the prospect of a new beginning :) i am currently sick with some sort of cold/virus, so my new beginning is consisting of much rest, restoration, and introspection. this isn't exactly the mood i was expecting to begin a new year, but i think a slowing down is necessary to understand how to best operate when i speed things up again! happy new year!! xoxoxo
photo of the day each time i run with liam around the nepaug reservoir i collect mica i find.. unearthing a large solid piece is quite satisying!

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