purusha essential oil perfumes i am a big essential oil fan, especially super concentrated essential oils, like those sold at nantucket natural oils. my mom and i visited this shop in nantucket a few summers ago, and we laugh because i loved the woman that worked there! she had me in a spell, with her european accent and knowledge of aromas she tested on my wrist. hehe... if i could i would buy sooo many wonderful magical fragrances from nantucket natural oils! they're incredible and smell beautiful, yet the scents are very light and don't have that chemical alcohol smell that many perfumes have (make me a bit nauseous!). scents are so powerful, and can easily conjure up a memory you didn't even know was there. smells can be mildly seductive, transporting you to a special feeling, to another place, to a certain mood... an aroma i've been loving recently is angel's trumpet. i realize it is a very poisonous plant you can trip balls on!, but the smell... man it's enticing! it is powdery and feminine, tropical and sultry! one reason i love it is because there is a large bush (or tree?!) of it growing outside my sister and my best friend's apartments in santa barbara, california. so when i smell it, it brings my heart and mind right back to some positive feminine energies that i truly love :) i noticed a neighbor down my street has a few trumpet flowers in her yard, and i love to stop by and inhale them for a few minutes! ahhhhh.... if i could get my hands on an angel's trumpet essential oil i would be very happy! angel's trumpet another scent i like a whole lot is the smell of ferns! so summery, wild, and energizing! i enjoy taking deep breaths of their invigorating clean smell while running through the woods! the aroma of ferns makes me feel like i am smelling nature that is untouched by humans. i'd also love to find a fern essential oil perfume somewhere. fern once purusha has grown, i plan to create purusha scents. perfumes or oils are items that every woman desires, especially scents that a woman can feel are truly HER. a female's aroma can say so much about who she is. it can also bring a person to that mindset that she wants to be in, or towards the woman she aspires to be! someday i will create these scents, just not yet.... :) ♥
zodiac v-back tee enjoy this beautiful new garment! the zodiac v-back tee for sale on etsy! embrace yourself for all that you are; share your strengths and accept your weaknesses! let your zodiac remind you were born at just the right time and you have a special place in the universe! gemini star cluster being me at figueroa mountain :) find the zodiac tee here on etsy!
lace waist soooo i got a coupon in the mail from victoria's secret for a free pair of lace waist hip hugger panties... first, i admire that victoria's secret can do this, because it got me into the store. i normally don't think to shop at vic's, but i found some really sweet bras, seamless panties, and bikinis! they make the sexiest swim suits! i didn't buy anything, just picked up the free undies, but it got me thinking about how i like victoria's secret. i'd love to do some kind of fun little free coupon thing for purusha in the future. i was doing free boy short panties with every order over $50. i put this in my announcement on my etsy page, but i don't know if anyone noticed?! many customers were happily surprised when they received their free gift! anyway, i was curious after shopping to check out the victoria's secret website. i also was thinking... lace waist panties... similar to the lace waist yoga pants i make, but of course not nearly the same.... and then to my dismay i saw that victoria's secret is now selling their own lace waist yoga pants!!! i doubt they knew about purusha's lace waist yoga pants, but it just goes to show that ideas travel. once something is out there, especially in fashion, it's like a seed that somehow gets spread... this makes me think that i should never procrastinate with a new idea- just go for it before someone else comes up with it! halle's yoga pants from purusha last winter victoria's secret lace waist yoga pants for this fall i am back on a computer, thanks to my family that's always there to help me out! i know i couldn't create this business without the support and love from my parents. i am so blessed :)! my next post is going to be about essential oil blended perfumes... lovin em, and i want to share some ideas! ♥ hayley
summer cleaning sale purusha summer sale blow out!! hope you find a discounted dud that suits your fancy! irregular red violet damask pants just breathe slub tank top central park yoga pants new sale and new autumn items will be listed daily! come visit the sale here! --> purushapeople on etsy my computer is dead... very sad... my updates may be less frequent while i await a new one! for now, i am enjoying reading and chess, the computer at my parent's house. sometimes a technology break can be an ok thing. at least that's what i'm telling myself! xxxx
om gym after taking pilates with all the awesome equipment, i began thinking, how can i continue a practice like this at home?? i am a big at home yoga practicer.. i try to make time for yoga daily and really honor myself with my own exercises, for whatever mood my mind and body are in that particular day. don't get me wrong, i LOVE a good yoga class, but i love also that when i am teaching myself i can create a workout that is just what i need for the moment. it's hard sometimes for me to be in a large group class and do poses that perhaps i don't feel the need to do that day, or are too easy/difficult or aren't being attended to well by the instructor. i also usually don't have much extra $, and have yet to find a studio or instructor in the area that i really like. i do love west hartford yoga (this place has some amazing teachers), but it's like 40-45 minutes away.... so a yoga class ends up being a 3 hour event in my day and i usually just don't have the time. kula yoga in avon is also pretty nice, but whenever i look to take a class, they don't work with my schedule, or the only class i can take is gentle yoga- i have a tough time getting myself to pay for that, as i could do it at home! sooo yeah, this is why i practice at home a lot right now! oh! and i did find a pilates studio in avon called 'inner space', but the classes with the equipment are soooo expensive! $35- $75/ hour! (i kinda expected this...) while in california i heard about 'om gym'! om gym is a yoga and pilates sling that you can hang just about anywhere- from your ceiling, from a tree, from a playground... it helps a lot with inversions, as well as many strength building sequences that one would do in pilates. i'd love to get one! has anyone tried om gym, or know anyone that has?! i'd love to hear more about it before buying it. i'm very intrigued! check out om gym here --> OM GYM . COM
la playa pilates the beautiful and incredible equipment that whip your body into shape! pilates will change your life! while visiting santa barbara, california i stopped in la playa pilates in montecito and took my first official pilates lesson with one of my best, dearest, and oldest friends colleen ferguson! i knew pilates was going to be a tough workout, but man i was surprised at just how difficult it was! i really enjoyed myself though- i love working my body hard and in new ways :) **a little background info on pilates: these exercises were developed and created by joseph pilates in germany during the 1920's for veterans after world war 1 for rehabilitation. he turned hospital beds into amazing contraptions for exercises emphasizing control, concentration, precision, flowing movements, and correct breathing. he was a firm believer that one's mental health reflects his or her physical health. the central aim of pilates is to fuse the mind and the body, with much focus on the body's core, or powerhouse. (this last part is especially interesting to me as it's much like the foundation of yoga- to unite body and mind, minus all the mysticism.)** joseph pilates with a veteran working on some rehabilitation exercises colleen is a most excellent pilates instructor! she is awesome at explaining how to do a sequence or exercise in detail while challenging you to move and work your body in ways never before! this workout is way more intense than anything i've ever tried before! gym junkies should definitely head to a pilates studio pronto- you get a much more targeted work out. plus, you are stretching throughout the exercise and working with only your own body weight and spring resistance, so injuries in pilates are pretty much nonexistent. the graceful colleen demonstrating a sequence after 1 hour of working basically every muscle in my body; i felt stretched, relaxed, confidant, toned, and very content. if i lived in santa barbara i know i'd be taking at least one class a week with colleen! i'm going to begin searching for a studio in connecticut where i can continue my pilates practice! i'm also going to incorporate more pilates into my yoga practice, thanks to what i learned at la playa. i want to work on my strength in yoga, and build more muscle definition so i can improve in my back bends and inversions! this is going to be fun! another huge thing i learned from col is to breathe more through my chest, expanding through my ribs, while practicing. in yoga i have been doing mostly diaphragmatic breathing, or belly breathing. this type of breathing is great for relaxation, but not as appropriate for working your core and supporting your spine in strengthening postures. i've noticed many yogis that are totally fit, except for a little pot belly, and i always wondered how could this be possible?! no one in that pilates studio had a trace of a belly- just rock hard abs- and this makes sense if one uses pilates breathing while practicing! i'm excited to integrate this into my daily workout! col again showing the beauty of pilates pilates is going to make me a better yogi :) i can't wait for my next class! anyone in the santa barbara area should take a class at la playa! check out their website here for the schedule! ---> la playa pilates california
moss & fir straight leg pants get in touch with nature, and with your own self, in these lovely and rustic yoga/pilates pants! the perfect balance between yin and yang, feminine and masculine, these pants are earthy yet feature sweet little ethereal polka dots on the waist band! buy them here on etsy! ---> moss & fir pants
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