oh man, this made my morning. ah!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

cute long shorts!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

hi! how are you?

i wanna know, what do you think of these new purusha long shorts? like 'em? hate 'em? i kinda really like them. they are so functional, and still really cute. they're super soft, and seafoam green. can't go wrong with those 2 things, i think! they even have the ever so handy little pocket in the waistband. i'm about to go test them on a run. liam is dying to go now, can't you tell from the photo? hehe. what a nice boy. he's a good coach. so i must go!

have a beautiful wednesday my dears! xo.

photoshoot with Lux Divine!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

this weekend was SO awesome. the lovely jessica of Lux Divine Jewelry and the gorgeous erin of the beautiful people and i all collaborated for a rockin bad ass purusha- lux shoot. the photos came out amazing! here are a few that jess played around with and magical-ized. i just love them! everyday for the next week or so i will be posting all new items from purusha's spring 2013 collection. i am really proud of this one. i hope you like it. and of course, it's a given, enjoy all the luscious jewelry from Lux Divine. see her fabulous etsy shop here. xoxo. hope your day is brilliant!

happy birthday sister!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

happy birthday sister!!!!!!!!

lots o' people i love's birthdays this week!

lil sis kate, kelli, my lil girl. let me say i feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have a sister like you, a sister that's also my very best friend. your silliness, amazing kindness, discipline in going after what you want, bravery in doing what you don't want, and incredible dance moves are awe inducing. you are 27, and i keep thinking it seems like you're catching up to my years, except i keep getting older too! you are young little sister, but i know within you there is this old wise soul, a deep soul that knows the world and handles life gracefully with a laugh and a confidence i wish i had. i admire your maturity as a woman, you always seem to know what to do that's best for you. some people live a whole life without knowing how to be true to themselves, while you've been doing it all along. that is really cool sister.

can't wait to see you tomorrow! how awesome is it that we live so close now?! we get to spend birthdays together! what a special thing! i am going to hug you so hard :) i love you with all my being kate! hope you have the most beautiful day today! xoxo.

a song just for me! yippee!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i am one lucky girl. i got a sweet song from my man this valentine's day. it's so cute. just listen. :)

happy birthday dad!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

just wanted to say a really big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet and loving dadio! dad, i sure miss you today and really wish i could have flown home to be with you, just for your day. on this day you were born, february 17th, i want to say thank you. thank you for giving me life and making me who i am, thank you for believing in me and my crazy dreams, thank you for loving me unconditionally. your sensitivity, passion, hard work ethic, love for animals, goofy sense of humor, and your courage to overcome all of life's obstacles has inspired me more than you'll ever know. i love you so much. happy birthday dear dad! xoxo.

Purusha: Projections & Yoga by Corey Lynn Tucker Photography

Friday, February 15, 2013

happy friday!!

i am obsessed with this brilliant video made by jillian of 60b photography, documenting our awesomely fun and beautiful purusha shoot last month by corey lynn tucker photography. enjoy! (i sure did!)

p.s. there is a sweet little purusha giveaway going on today over at the daybook blog! check it out :)

happy weekend my dears! xo.

happy valentine's day from 2 wierdos.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

yea. i asked patrick to take a sweet romantic photo with me, and this is what happened. and i laughed until i cried. i think this guy is a keeper.

we love you!!! hope your day is full of laughs, love, and lots of chocolate! mmmmm!

no filter.

Monday, February 11, 2013

whenever i hear a really beautiful song, view a piece of art that speaks to me, or see a clean tasteful design, i think to myself... i love this creation, whatever it may be, because it seems like whomever created it truly and fully put themselves into it. and it's just perfection. not perfection as in flawless, but perfection in that their is no filter between the artist and the work, like the creation was a direct manifestation of the collection of traits this person has attracted.

i was driving home from the fashion district on saturday, feeling a bit overwhelmed at the tasks i put before myself, and was listening to some great tunes... bob marley, this day & age, the strokes, alexi murdoch... i sunk in deep to the songs and reflected on why it is that i love some songs so much. this love is a mix of feeling like the songs relate to me and my life, and a feeling of intimacy with the artist. like somehow these people have found a way to express themselves with clarity and with grace. 

i want that. i want to create from a place of authenticity and originality, from a place where my i'm not trying to hide anything or be anyone else. it is damn hard, i gotta say it.  i look at photos on tumblr and pinterest, and i know what i like. i appreciate such an eclectic blend of styles in all art forms. but it's easy to look at something or hear something and know you like it, while it's completely another thing to create something for yourself that you love and feel proud of. some pieces i design, i feel it. i know they are right and will be loved. other pieces are just so-so. perhaps like an album of music, it's really rare to create a collection that is 100% amazing. there are usually a few songs on an album you skip over.

everyday i try to pour myself into purusha, into the business model and into the clothing. my goal is to create beauty of course. but this beauty must relate to the people that see it. and i want people to feel like they are viewing a pure creation; something that wasn't forced or hasty, but rather something that is simple yet well thought out. it's definitely a challenge to design what feels true, and drop that filter between myself and my vision.

so here's to the journey. it never ends! but it feels good to take steps, no matter who small, towards designing the life of my dreams.

inspired by black & prints.

Friday, February 8, 2013

you guys! happy friday!

since i've begun working with my wonder woman seamstress nadya, i feel like my clothes are taking on such a new look, a look i've dreamed of that i couldn't quite get on my own. i've wanted to to experiment with fabric beyond cotton spandex (don't get me wrong though, i do love cotton spandex!), fabrics like bamboo, organic cotton, modal, viscose, nylon, lycra, etc. and i've been dreaming of going beyond dyeing and screen printing alone. there is such much beauty and creativity to be found in fabrics and unique cuts of clothing. i find myself sometimes getting anxious because i have thousands of ideas swirling around my head for future clothes. it's a good practice to find peace in these moments, and realize there is no deadline. i'm most likely not going to run out of time, and the designs i envision will exist in reality eventually. or they won't because i've moved on to something else. and that's amazing too.

anywho, above are some swatches of fabrics that will be coming out in purusha's spring collection! woohoo! so rad right?! as i mentioned before, i've been going to the gym, taking weight classes and spinning classes, totally delicious and painful. lol. but what i've noticed in all my classes, and in most yoga classes too, is an abundance of black. i started out with a mission to eradicate black from yoga clothes. i only did colors. but people love black, always will. i love it too. it's clean, classic, and easy to wear. (if you don't have a yellow labrador). so my mind has been dreaming up how to make black a little more purusha. what i'm planning on doing is bringing the above prints into your basic black leggings. the beauty will be in the little details. you will love it, i promise! (don't worry, the colors aren't going anywhere either!)

check out these bad-ass swatches too! sooo beautiful right?! my other idea is mixing printed fabrics with very wearable solid colors. i don't want to reveal too much until the collection is photographed.. but i'm super excited!!!! ahhhh i love it!!!!

hope you have a most beautiful and peaceful weekend! xo.

today was so beautiful.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

it was heavenly, really. like some sort of weight had been lifted from my heart. deep full breaths of sunshine lit air were just what i needed today. i'm thankful. namaste.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Isn't it strange 
How we move our lives for another day 
Like skipping a beat 
What if a great wave should wash us all away 
Just thinking out loud 
Don't mean to dwell on this dying thing 
But looking at blood 
It's alive right now 
Deep and sweet within 
Pouring through our veins 
Intoxicate moving wine to tears 
Drinking it deep 
Then an evening spent dancing 
It's you and me 
This love will open our world 
From the dark side we can see a glow of something bright 
There's much more than we see here 
Don't burn the day away 
Is this not enough 
This blessed sip of life 
Is it not enough 
Staring down at the ground 
Oh then complain and pray more from above 
Greedy little pig 
Stop just watch your world trickle away 
Oh it's your problem now 
It'll all be dead and gone in a few short years 
Just love will open our eyes 
Just love will put the hope in our minds 
Much more than we could ever know 
Don't burn the day away 
Come sister my brother 
Shake up your bones shake up your feet 
I'm saying open up 
And let the rain come pouring in 
Wash out this tired notion 
That the best is yet to come 
But while you're dancing on the ground 
Don't think of when you're gone 
Love love what more is there 
We need the light of love in here 
Don't beat your head 
Dry your eyes 
Let the love in there 
There are bad times 
But that's ok 
Just look for love in it 
Don't burn the day away 
Here are we 
On this starry night staring into space 
And I must say 
I feel as small as dust 
Lying down here 
What point could there be troubling 
Head down wondering what will become of me 
Why concern we cannot see 
But no reason to abandon it 
Time is short but that's all right 
Maybe I'll go in the middle of the night 
Take your hands from your eyes, my love 
Everything must end some time 
Don't burn the day away 
Come sister my brother 
Shake up your bones shake up your feet 
I'm saying open up 
And let the rain come flooding in 
Wash out this tired notion 
That the best is yet to come 
But while you're dancing on the ground 
Don't think of when you're gone 
Love love what more is there 
We need the light of love in here 
Don't beat your head 
Dry your eyes 
Let the love in there 
There are bad times 
But that's ok 
Just look for love in it

love me a little dave matthews, like a true connecticut girl. xo.

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