laughter today is rainy and gloomy.. when i feel down and am taking my life too seriously it's nice to know that happiness is just a joke away... sometimes all it takes to get you out of a funk is some good laughter! these llamas made me laugh today!
thinking about earth well this weekend i took a little break from purusha. i had a bread bake off with my dad- i made cardamom graham bread and he made a cheese anadama bread (there is no determined winner) and i did a lot of yoga and pilates! eating and exercising is my idea of a relaxing weekend! it's always helpful for me to take a step back from my business for a bit to see where i stand objectively from it all. how do i want to run my business and how will i do it?! the planet is a big factor in my business. i want to acquire wealth of course, but i do not want to harm any living thing in the process. is this even possible? i know the fashion industry is once of the most wasteful businesses in the world and 99% of cottons are heavily sprayed with pesticides. i don't want to call myself a 'fashion designer' or associate myself with the frivolous insanely priced trends that come and go. in this way i feel like i am the antithesis of the leaders in the industry i want to enter in to... people aren't caring less about the planet over time, they are caring more! i don't see this pattern reversing itself as we learn more everyday about human's effects on mother earth! i wouldn't be here if it weren't for this life sustaining planet; i think it would be senseless and cruel for me to live my life in a way that directly harms the soil that feeds me. and if i want purusha to give me a greater, wealthier, and healthier life i have to do business in accordance with my values. look for only organic cotton blends in purusha's future, constructed locally. i am also very passionate about giving jobs locally and supporting my community in any way i can! another dream i have for purusha's future in a global sense is to employ and support a village with purusha. i hope to travel more in the future and find a community that is underprivileged, give them jobs with beautiful conditions and excellent wages and trade with them fairly... i don't know too much about how this can be done now, but i think about it often... so hopefully putting this idea out into the universe will plant a seed somewhere... ah, dreams do turn to reality with time. i will continue working and be patient, all is coming!
i love etsy! i want these leggings!! they are by an incredibly talented brooklyn designer on etsy- malu! AND $10 of every purchase is being donated to relief efforts in haiti! can't go wrong here! check out malu's shop on the link below! white leggings with olive leaf by malu on etsy
happy birthday sister! today is my beautiful lil sister kate's 24th birthday!! happy birthday to kelli!!! wooohooo!!
etsy come to my shop!!
winter waiting for winter to take its final icy breath!
newer tags here are some new hang tags i've been working on! front side back side
etsy shop! new items in my shop!! come check em out and enjoy!
new clothes! purusha spring and summer wear has arrived! my beautiful friends solomiya and ana were kind enough to brave one of the coldest days of the year for a photoshoot! the photos took no time at all and came out incredible!! sol and ana are naturals in front of the camera :) we had a great time freezing our asses off! here are some of my favorite photos: get your purusha duds! shopping for clothes in the purusha woods sisters :) ana in 'all you need is love' tank and spring crocus pants solomiya in treeism boyfriend fit t-shirt sapphire throw over wrap fern henley tank top and rustic yoga pants ana in ananda yoga pants and beating heart tee, sol in black lotus tank and om namah yoga pants did you know clothes grow on trees?! i'll be putting up new items on etsy everyday, so keep checking back:
a sunday it seems that the way to cure winter blues is to venture into the winter's blues. . .

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