autumn in connecticut the adventure that is purusha brings me back to the story of the cave. i first read it in my 'plato' class with professor begley at st. michael's college. man what i wouldn't do for a class right now with any of those great philosophy profs at st. mike's!! i miss them! but anyways, i feel like i started out in a cave at the beginning of purusha. i thought shadows and sounds were real, until i looked at the fire and saw that the flames were what cast shadows. and then i stepped out of the cave and saw that i was chained and imprisoned down there in my old concepts of my business. now im looking at the sun and i feel like i've never seen it before! i keep learning more and more about how to run a business and how to create a product people want to buy. it is frustrating to keep seeing yourself make mistakes, but it is also so satisfying and refreshing to change your mind and grow! for example, i am not going to give up natural dyes all together, because they are a nice idea and there is a market for them. i am going to use them in moderation and in combination with synthetic dyes. indigo is a natural dye that i will continue using for sure! it is very strong and eco friendly. local natural dyes will be the key for me- indigo, henna, farmer's market onion skins, connecticut barks, etc. plus, the synthetic and natural dyes can look quite lovely together. here is a garment with both dyes, henna & synthetic rust and peach: the beating heart chemise. i am enjoying fall this year. the colors are inspiring me to make some changes on my newest line. the colorful items are great for southern california, but i think for around here in new england i need to come up with a collection that has winter colors and earth tones in mind. i am eager to get started on some new looks!! this is a view of santa barbara, california that inspires me. i took it while out there last week :). it makes me happy! i've posted my newest items on etsy so please check them out! *and please stay tuned, i am creating a special yoga line for the shop 'drishti' in santa barbara! check out the shop! drishti yoga the owner, jenni, has been extremely helpful in my business already. i'm excited to see what will come! more good news soon! :)

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