this has definitely been the longest i've gone without blogging in a lonnng time. busyness and business. sometimes life just takes you for a ride, doesn't it? and days fly by as you work like a little worker bee. last night i had the honor and pleasure of hanging out with some awesome new girlfriends!!! let me tell you, girl time is so therapeutic, and with a demanding work schedule, i sometimes forget that i need that time. i am grateful for beautiful feminine energy last night that pulled me in and reminded me of who i am and who i strive to be. i'm a really really lucky person (sick of me saying that yet?!), but sometimes i just can't believe it and i get scared of losing my luck, or something. my default mind often goes to worry and worst case scenario, out of habitual experience from traumas in my past, and it truly is a conscious struggle to rewire myself. but i keep working on it all... opening myself to the invitations life offers me, and constantly striving to create new memories that are positive, so i can realize maybe there isn't such a thing as luck. maybe you create your own blessings by being open, doing what scares you, and sharing yourself and your love freely. namaste.


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