a daydream could be real.

this morning i dreamt. while awake, i imagined a new reality that exists all the time if we only choose to notice it.

in this space i've lost my identity. i'm not hayley, the woman with all her hopes and fears, i'm no one and everyone. i'm watching it all with supreme awe and amazement, like a child. everything around me breathes: the plants, the dirt, the insects, the rocks, the buildings, other people. it all pulses and vibrates together like a song. i can't find where i end and space begins, the lines between us are erased and we are just particles all here right now.  i am born and i die, over and over again. i'm afraid of nothing because i can't feel the emotions, i can only watch them like an observer.

i walk around like this, in a wonderland, stopping to look at water on a branch for what feels like an hour. everything is so extraordinarily gorgeous. i look at other people and see we are exactly the same. we're all visitors living in a body for a while, until we go back into another particle collection and live there in some other beautiful form. we are born, we die, we are born again. i keep seeing this natural process. and i love everyone and everything because we are no different from each other.

slowly, i begin to come down. i can sense hayley again. i see her waiting for me to return to her and we can reunite in consciousness. but now i see her differently. she needs protecting from herself, she needs me, this higher view, to keep her safe. i can't let her habitual thought patterns block me out completely. why would she let herself tell her Self those things, those thoughts of fear and worry? she needs me to tell her she's beautiful, happy, and has nothing to be afraid of. i'm always here for you... i whisper as we merge again.

i am hayley again. i feel so warm, like nothing can hurt me. there is no urgency, nothing needs to be done, no thoughts need to be mulled over. there's only now. it feels like a lovely summer night with the windows open, laying in bed, listening to van morrison, with all the people i love around me. i have nothing but compassion for myself and others. i know with this mindset, with help and guidance from my higher self, i can't go wrong. i can handle it all. life and death are the same, pain and pleasure are like waves that will forever flow through time.

we are all one, exchanging air and life freely in this moment. why do i forget? i just need to take a trip, and be reminded of who we are. my dream is real.


colors of my garden giveaway!

good morning my sweets! i have such a special treat for you today!! yay i'm excited!

my dear friend emily {also amazing mother, wife, sister, daughter, awe inspiring yogi, multi-talented healthy living extraordinaire!} creates THE BEST body care products i've ever tried! her shop on etsy is Colors of my Garden, and i can already tell her business is going to be such a success because her products are beyond brilliant. everyday i use the sage oat soap, the wake up call coffee vanilla scrub, and the vegan body butter (with lavender and vanilla) and i go to heaven. seriously, i now light candles in the shower and dive deep into the all natural aromatherapeutic goodness. best part is, because the ingredients are 100% organic and natural, you can eat them them if you want!  i took a bite of the coffee scrub, felt like a weirdo, and still wanted to keep eating. hehe, it's awesome. that's how you really know it's safe to put on your body, because your body does absorb what you put on it. our skin is our biggest organ, so we have to be be super careful about what products we use. our bathing rituals are basically food for our skin.

emily, the kind and generous soul that she is, is giving away one organic vegan body butter (pictured above)! this stuff is sooo great, i really can't say enough. a little goes a long way too, but somehow i still managed to go through a whole thing in a month (i ordered another last night!). it's thick and super moisturizing, but it's not oily like some natural creams. the body absorbs it quick and then you are just a super soft mama! the ingredients are only unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, infused herbs- grown in emily's garden in connecticut!, and essential oils of your choice. all organic. so dope. last time i got lavender and vanilla for my added scents, this time jasmine and vanilla.

you also might recognize emily, she is one of purusha's beautiful models.

to enter the Colors of my Garden giveaway, comment below and let me know what essential oils you would choose for your organic body butter. for an extra entry 'like' Colors of my Garden on facebook, and mention in your comment that you liked the page! giveaway ends next wednesday, december 5th. winner announced thursday, december 6th! good luck! have a beautiful, natural, and peaceful day!


still feeling thankful.

my thanksgiving in photos :

slept in, made pancakes, basked in sunbeams.

my sweet lil sister came over and got right to making the vegan pumpkin pie!

sipped on wine, ate some cheese and olives during the day. my favorite things!

thankful for this dude.

and for this silly girl.

and for this doggie that likes to be a part of the action!

thankful to skype with my parents.

went on a walk around our neighborhood.

i love my sister so much!

ridiculous dancing while dinner was cooking. to 90's music no less. (la bouche, ace of base, it was god awful wonderful!) and a goofy smiling doggie in the forefront.

the feast!

the climactic gratitude. so good.

hope you had a happy thanksgiving, and may we let that feeling of thankfulness spill out into all our days. xo.


everyday let us be thankful.

today, let us feel the abundance all around us. 

here in topanga, california, usa, planet earth, milky way, universe i feel utterly perfect. not perfect as in there is nothing wrong, but perfect that all is as it should be and i am beyond fortunate. i have more than enough love, work to do, food to eat, and goodness to share. i am healthy and all that i love surrounds me. what i have loved and lost isn't gone, she is with me everywhere; in the trees, the air i breathe, and the hugs i exchange today. life is not easy or painless by any means, and nothing stays forever. my youth, my energy, people i love today won't always be around. so what better way to reflect upon my gratitude than to respect this abundant impermanence?

today, let us be thankful for life as is. the good, the bad, the beautiful moments, i accept and appreciate them all. with deep conscious breaths, care from our fellow beings, perseverance to keep pushing through the soil to reach the sun, life is an amazing and mysterious adventure we are blessed to experience. i'll take the pain, the craziness, the mundane any day for the brilliant moments of unconditional love, laughter, and delicious nurturing food. 

we are so lucky to be alive, aren't we? i am thankful. thank you.


the necessity of the gusset!


the gusset! hmmmm... unless you are a seamstress or a lululemon employee, you most likely have no idea what a gusset is! i didn't know until a customer asked about it about a year ago. a gusset is extra fabric at the crotch area of pants that make mobility with the legs much more comfortable. i am probably one of the minority that doesn't really get bothered by/notice lady lines, or camel toe (ugh gross term!), but i know many many women want to avoid this..eh hem.. look while wearing tight yoga pants. understandable! hehe !

let me just say here, that none of my first generation pants (all styles that i sell in my shop before i started working with my seamstress) have had a problem with lady lines. but i most definitely find the gusset to be super comfortable to stretch your body in. it just makes more sense to have a pocket to protect your... vagina. there said it. so what. haha it had to come up in this post.

all of my new pants and shorts, and bottoms from here on have the gusset. i did some snooping around lululemon (well not snooping, anyone can read the customer reviews to products. it just feels like snooping when i'm trying to fix problems customers have with lulu.), and noticed that they changed the shape of the gusset. from a diamond to a triangle. ladies are complaining that the triangle does not work, and ends up more towards your butt when wearing the pants, rather than at the crotch where it's supposed to be. lulu will probably fix this, but i want to tell all you ladies now that i have the diamond gusset!!! muahahah!!!

purusha is here to make you comfy and beautiful, and i will always always listen to my customers. you, my reader and customer, are EVERYTHING to me. my relationship with you is as important to me as my relationship to a close friend. i create for you, and am completely driven by your feedback. {side note- i'm reading a book right now called 'the man who discovered quality', that discusses the philosophy of w. edward deming, the dude that basically turned japan into a reputable high quality product mecca. he says that the first step to developing a quality business is to plan a product or service that is constantly improving to meet a custumer's need (and provides jobs). i'm sure i will write a post about deming soon! he is already inspiring my business hugely.}

so enjoy the gusset, i knew we had to have it! and feel free to give me any other feedback on products at anytime. thank you! namaste.


my favorite things. {and buy from indie sellers this holiday season.}

good morning my loves! how are you? i feel great today, i had such a peaceful productive weekend.

i am gearing up for the holidays- both as a supplier and a customer! i want you all to know, i'm going to be doing a special black friday-cyber monday sale in my shop! to be honest, i despise this whole 'black friday' thing. ugh, especially the day after thanksgiving, when we reflect on our gratitude for what we already have! i never go out on black friday, but i do love shopping online for sales.

so check into my shop this weekend, and i will definitely be posting on here, FB, and twitter when the sale goes live!

and please check into independent stores online and in real life! please avoid wal-mart and other big stores where your purchases only go to support the people at the very top, instead of local folk that benefit directly from your purchases.

below are some of my favorite items from my favorite etsy sellers and friends. enjoy!


thigh bands and weekend plans.

YAY! happy friday! yippee! what are you up to this weekend?

me, i am going to santa barbara tomorrow to hang out with my cute awesome sister, and i'm working on new purusha designs! look out for LOTS more thigh band/leg band tattoo pants. i don't mean to sound proud (but hey, i am proud!), but the leg band tattoo pants are a 100% original purusha design. no other brands carry a similar design (yet! i know it has to get copied eventually), and i've never seen anything like it done before. so come and get the original here, and check back in a few weeks for some beautiful new leg band pants that are navajo inspired (big thanks to my friend shelby for the idea!) and egyptian inspired. FUN! i may have to start a 'leg band tattoo' section in my etsy shop. hehe ;) i'm wearing the mermaid II pants (photo above) as we speak.

have a beautiful, peaceful, love filled weekends my friends! xo.

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