the necessity of the gusset!


the gusset! hmmmm... unless you are a seamstress or a lululemon employee, you most likely have no idea what a gusset is! i didn't know until a customer asked about it about a year ago. a gusset is extra fabric at the crotch area of pants that make mobility with the legs much more comfortable. i am probably one of the minority that doesn't really get bothered by/notice lady lines, or camel toe (ugh gross term!), but i know many many women want to avoid hem.. look while wearing tight yoga pants. understandable! hehe !

let me just say here, that none of my first generation pants (all styles that i sell in my shop before i started working with my seamstress) have had a problem with lady lines. but i most definitely find the gusset to be super comfortable to stretch your body in. it just makes more sense to have a pocket to protect your... vagina. there said it. so what. haha it had to come up in this post.

all of my new pants and shorts, and bottoms from here on have the gusset. i did some snooping around lululemon (well not snooping, anyone can read the customer reviews to products. it just feels like snooping when i'm trying to fix problems customers have with lulu.), and noticed that they changed the shape of the gusset. from a diamond to a triangle. ladies are complaining that the triangle does not work, and ends up more towards your butt when wearing the pants, rather than at the crotch where it's supposed to be. lulu will probably fix this, but i want to tell all you ladies now that i have the diamond gusset!!! muahahah!!!

purusha is here to make you comfy and beautiful, and i will always always listen to my customers. you, my reader and customer, are EVERYTHING to me. my relationship with you is as important to me as my relationship to a close friend. i create for you, and am completely driven by your feedback. {side note- i'm reading a book right now called 'the man who discovered quality', that discusses the philosophy of w. edward deming, the dude that basically turned japan into a reputable high quality product mecca. he says that the first step to developing a quality business is to plan a product or service that is constantly improving to meet a custumer's need (and provides jobs). i'm sure i will write a post about deming soon! he is already inspiring my business hugely.}

so enjoy the gusset, i knew we had to have it! and feel free to give me any other feedback on products at anytime. thank you! namaste.


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