Business is really hard. I can already tell that if I knew how hard it was to do this from the start, I probably wouldn't have began at all. It's good to be naive. And man do I sure feel like I've been naive. 

I'm changing a lot with my business. I've made some mistakes, but I'm proud to say I correct my mistakes pretty fast once I realize them. So that's good, right? One big change for purusha is, we're going to begin producing our more popular styles in an ethical factory in LA, and eventually have everything made "out there". I've found sewing in house to be too costly, timely, and not as perfect as I'd like. Perhaps once the brand has grown bigger I'll go back to having my own factory, but for now it's just not sustainable. This is a pretty big deal, as one of my big dreams for purusha has been to have my own merry sunlit factory. But you know what? In business you have to change your mind. You have to evolve and do what makes the most sense for the livelihood of your business. purusha comes first, and if it's not healthy, how can I employ people? I can't. Producing in a factory will even allow me to lower the cost of my pants, which would be pretty fabulous.

I've been dyeing, screen printing, and overseeing the sewing of my clothing for the past- geez it's been SO long!- almost 5 years! How crazy is that? I am 100% ready to leave the production of my clothing to the experts, and focus on what I think I'm much better at- growing purusha, managing, and designing and branding. That's the kind of stuff I'm excited to wake up for. And leaving production to the pros will just allow purusha to have better products. It's a win win.

Another cool thing about not producing in house is I can turn my factory into a design space/show room where I can meet with buyers and host little purusha events. It could be really cool.

So that's where I'm at right now. My mantras recently have been 'It's good to change your mind.' and 'I'm excited' (not nervous). I can honestly say I'm excited to take purusha in this new direction. It's time!


moon phases.

last week was just obnoxiously full. full moon, full challenges, full schedule. i'm not one to really believe in zodiac stuff or moon phases to affect my life (i think it's fun to talk about and pretend though!), but hot damn! enough full moon!!! patrick and i felt like we were just living in a constant spotlight where we couldn't get any relief.

we love our new pup byron, of course we do. he's just such a handful. it's been so long since liam was little, i sorta forgot how much work a puppy is. he wakes us up ridiculously early by batting our hair like a cat. (he sleeps on the pillows behind our heads. haha, he's a strange one.) byron puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. he bites me hard! he makes me take him outside late night to pee when the moon is the fullest, and i don't realize how stupidly bright it is outside and i'm not wearing pants and of course neighbors are outside on the bench talking and i just try to pull my tee shirt down and act like it's a dress (?) while i'm chasing a puppy around talking about pee and poop.

i'm also participating in the whole life challenge  with a bunch of awesome women at my gym. last week was the first week of 8 where we cut out gluten (another thing i don't believe in for myself, i think gluten free is a fad diet unless you seriously have celiac disease, but that's another blog.), dairy except yogurt, sugar, alcohol, and make sure to exercise and stretch and drink enough water everyday. i feel really good, but i also feel challenged. it's nice to switch up your life a bit and try something new, but i miss pizza. haha! i can tell this will all be so worth it once the 8 weeks are up. 

oh yeah! and i took my first barre class last week! it was super fun and hard! i signed up for a month trial at exhale, so i'm going to whore myself out to all kinds of barre and yoga classes. haha, again, nice to do something different and challenge my body and mind.

and purusha work is just a neverending journey. not complaining in the 'effin slightest (!), but man, running your own business is 24/7. i eat sleep and breath active wear. it's an obsession. working on getting my clothing factory ready and dyed and printed not in house, setting up an ambassador program, making new designs, getting purusha in more stores and having sales reps... oooh it's a lot!

the full moon is pretty though, and the fullness of the challenges in my life right now are a gift. one cool thing with byron waking me up all the time was i got to see that crazy moon in so many ways; directly overhead and beaming down on me, or just about to set on the horizon as the sun is rising. i like to be able to see my life too from these many angles and perspectives. i appreciate the waning and the relief all the more.



pantone's color of the year is radiant orchid!

i'm a little torn on pantone and this whole "color of the year" thing. part of me is like, why does some boardroom of people get to decide what colors are "in" this year? but then part of me just loves color, all colors, and i think this is totally fun. i bought my pantone color book for dyeing and printing a month ago, and i find myself constantly inspired when i open it. it's like the ultimate book of paint swatches! there aren't too many colors i don't like. {ok i don't like army green or lime green.} and i gotta say i LOVE radiant orchid. colors are so therapeutic. when i see this shade of violet i feel mellow, yet excited, warm, in love, and beautiful. what do you feel? do you want to see some radiant orchid in purusha this year? i do! hehe! one thing i love about designing clothing, even something as simple as active wear, is the never ending inspiration. it's limitless. i re-fall in love with images, feelings, styles, and colors everyday. 


our new pup!

this weekend we got out baby byron the second! boy are we in love (and hate! haha!).  he's a cute little angel when he's sleepy, but when he wakes up he's a big devil! he's got this look in his eye that says... 'i'm going to fuck shit up dudes!!!' and he will. i forgot what it was like to have a puppy since liam was one 8 years ago. i forgot how hard it is. poor little guy doesn't know much and just wants to take the entire world in his mouth. literally. he sleeps a lot, plays hard, pees everywhere, and his voice is like some sort of baby ewok. everyday i feel like he's growing too! so much going on in that little body. byron and liam are fast becoming good buds! they play with their toys so nicely together. liam is a total saint- not jealous, happy to share his house and our love, and he even shares his prize bone with byron. we have 2 pretty good boys on our hands. seriously, i could forgo kids and collect a pack of labs. i love my guys! 

speaking of babies, my best friend is having a baby!!!! a human one! i'm soooo beyond excited for her! love you christa!!

hope you all are well and surrounded by love as we enter into 2014. happy new year!

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