our new pup!

this weekend we got out baby byron the second! boy are we in love (and hate! haha!).  he's a cute little angel when he's sleepy, but when he wakes up he's a big devil! he's got this look in his eye that says... 'i'm going to fuck shit up dudes!!!' and he will. i forgot what it was like to have a puppy since liam was one 8 years ago. i forgot how hard it is. poor little guy doesn't know much and just wants to take the entire world in his mouth. literally. he sleeps a lot, plays hard, pees everywhere, and his voice is like some sort of baby ewok. everyday i feel like he's growing too! so much going on in that little body. byron and liam are fast becoming good buds! they play with their toys so nicely together. liam is a total saint- not jealous, happy to share his house and our love, and he even shares his prize bone with byron. we have 2 pretty good boys on our hands. seriously, i could forgo kids and collect a pack of labs. i love my guys! 

speaking of babies, my best friend is having a baby!!!! a human one! i'm soooo beyond excited for her! love you christa!!

hope you all are well and surrounded by love as we enter into 2014. happy new year!


  1. Hi Hayley - Just want to spread some love and tell you that are an awesome lady! I love reading your blog posts, I can relate to so much of what you say and the way you think. It's good to know others have the same insecurities and nagging thoughts as I, and that despite being strong, independent women have to work hard at the self doubt sometimes. It's great to hear you are grateful and happy, don't ever stop! Tee.



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