perspectives my mom and i were talking today and she got me thinking about all our own individual minds. no matter what, sometimes you just can't change someone's mind. actually a lot of times you can't change someone's mind. it's hard to leave it at that, but we are each entitled to our own beliefs. it's hard for me to see why someone can't see where i'm speaking from, but alas, others have separate brains from me with completely different wiring and experiences and memories. we will all think what we want to think. the woods don't have an opinion emptying my thoughts here...
petit plat i am loving the work of the current etsy featured seller, petit plat. her jewelry and miniatures remind me so much of the fun i used to have making things out of clay for my dollhouse with my dear friend colleen. i still feel excitement and wonder when i think of us making teeny tiny pizzas with pepperoni on top, and cakes with layers and flowers!! we made some good stuff, but they can't even compare to the incredible craftswomanship of items in petit plat! everything looks PERFECT and delicious :) this is what i wish i could always cook and bake like!! this ring looks so cute, beautiful, and delicious! i'm thinking of buying it; i went through a phase where i was thinking i wanted to bake tarts for a living, so perhaps i'll feel satisfied when i wear it! visit petit plat's etsy shop here!
lace waist pants back by popular demand... lace waist yoga pants! enjoy :) sale (last pair!) merlot lace waist yoga pants extra wide sexy black lace waist ocean yoga pants check em out in my etsy shop!
recycled yoga bag i've noticed when i go to yoga class i don't bring my yoga mat bag because it just ends up being more of a hassle to get the mat in and out of the bag, and it's just as easy to tuck under my arm. AND i'm usually running late so taking the mat in and out of the bag takes precious time! meanwhile i'm juggling my block(s), strap, rubber bands (for yogalates or pilates), cell phone, and a water bottle! it makes more sense for me to have a yoga bag for all this stuff! so i created a completely recycled material yoga supply bag! all fabric and lace is from second hand stores or salvation army. i'm not the greatest seamstress, so it's slightly imperfect, but i love it anyways! i threw a rose screen print on the front too to really make it fun and unique! inside are two pockets- one for belt and block, one for cell phone or little things, and the large bag part for a long sleeved top and water bottle! it's even got a base on the bottom so the bag can hold its shape! i'd like to make more and sell em... would you buy one?!
vintage jewelry! i have been giving a lot of thought to humanity recently, and our tendency to be wasteful. i know i'm guilty of it when i go grocery shopping and forget to bring my own bags, when i throw out a piece of fruit because a bit of it was mealy, or when i don't feel like rinsing a plastic container so i can recycle it. i don't want to contribute to the excess of unnecessary man made material things our planet, but this seems impossible. so i'll do the best i can day to day to not harm any living thing, the best i can has to be good enough. AND at the same time i will have fun crafting it up with recycled thrift store vintage finds! purusha is now featuring recycled vintage jewelry, so please come check it out! earth day is coming, let's all remember how much we love our home and treat it right while looking sexy and chic at the same time! cleopatra bracelet 4 strand bone necklace vintage leopard necklace come see more here! : purusha people on etsy
black skinny legging i'm loving these black pants by blank at the free people store: i feel like they would be a wardrobe staple. should i buy them? view em here: free people shop
etsy come check out purusha duds! ... and stay tuned for recycled hand made yoga bags and jewelry!!! wooohoooo!!!
lab land liam and hoochie met up with some fellow yellow labs this week, butch and cassidy! they had the best time. labs really get each other! there were sticks, keep away, tug of war, and running galore! lab attack!!
the purusha tee. purusha is featuring a new vintage soft signature tee! check it out in my etsy shop! :
in like a lion... whenever march comes around i still think of what i heard as a child- 'march comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb'. it feels like a lamb today though, 45 degrees and sunny! not bad! we are on the brink of spring! it really is the best time of year; the darkness is behind us and many warm and sunny good times are ahead! it's hard to even imagine my little world getting this green soon! : my sweet paper whites from debbie are blooming as i write these words... im getting pumped for glorious sunny days and spring flowers!!!!! yeahhh!!! happy march 1st purusha people!

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