recycled yoga bag i've noticed when i go to yoga class i don't bring my yoga mat bag because it just ends up being more of a hassle to get the mat in and out of the bag, and it's just as easy to tuck under my arm. AND i'm usually running late so taking the mat in and out of the bag takes precious time! meanwhile i'm juggling my block(s), strap, rubber bands (for yogalates or pilates), cell phone, and a water bottle! it makes more sense for me to have a yoga bag for all this stuff! so i created a completely recycled material yoga supply bag! all fabric and lace is from second hand stores or salvation army. i'm not the greatest seamstress, so it's slightly imperfect, but i love it anyways! i threw a rose screen print on the front too to really make it fun and unique! inside are two pockets- one for belt and block, one for cell phone or little things, and the large bag part for a long sleeved top and water bottle! it's even got a base on the bottom so the bag can hold its shape! i'd like to make more and sell em... would you buy one?!


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