website news!

hello my dears!

i announced this on facebook this morning, so if you've already seen it i'm sorry! i'm really excited to tell you all that i now {finally!!} carry inventory on my website only : www.purushapeople.com . so whatever you buy from the site in size 1-3 (S-L) is ready to ship within 2 business days, and if you order size 0 (XS) or 4-6 (XL-XXXL) that item will ship within 1 week! woohoo! no more waiting! plus, i'm putting up limited edition stuff that is only available for short runs. like the pants above i only have 3 pairs, and the tank i only have enough fabric for 4 tops. i think it's pretty cool to own something that no one else will have :). etsy will continue as it has, made to order, and more of a selection and customization for sizing. so both places to buy have their perks!

thank you all so much for your kindness and sweet support. these days i feel pretty damn lucky. i love you!


my life beyond yoga.

hi there my friends! how are you today?

i have something to confess to you... i haven't practiced yoga asana (poses) in over a week. this has been the longest i've gone without yoga in maybe a year or so. sure i've still been meditating, journaling, stretching here and there... but not a substantial sun salutation, handstand, triangle-warrior-sequence, pigeon, wheel, twist, forward fold, savasana. and you know what, that's ok. i recently read on one of my favorite blogs, the minimalists, a essay called 'the rules we live by'. it said something so simple, yet so profound, that really resonated with me:

New rules: If I wake up today, then I’m allowed to by happy. If I exercise today, then I’ll feel more confident. If I spend focused time with loved ones today, then I’m contributing in a meaningful way. If I step outside my comfort zone today, then I will grow.

if i wake up today, i'm allowed to be happy. what an idea! i hear people all the time saying, 'if i don't practice yoga i am a grumpy person.', 'you don't want to see me before i've practiced my yoga for today!' why? why don't we deserve happiness no matter what luxury we've allowed ourselves for the day? it's a funny oxymoron... yoga, in all it's 8 limbs, is a practice to free ourselves from the nonsensical wanderings of the mind, yet we've become so attached to the asana that without going through an hour of postures our mind and joy has to suffer.

i mean, i get it. yoga feels freakin' amazing. to stretch, breathe deep, and open up the body after being hunched over at a desk is incredible. but we shouldn't allow our happiness to be dependent upon whether we got that 'full' asana practice in. i know i've been there, and i still do struggle with that. like a guilty feeling if i haven't done enough yoga. it sounds pretty ridiculous when i write it out. guilt from not practicing yoga. sheesh!

the reason i haven't been doing asana is, i joined a gym. haha sacrilegious! i've been wanting to do something different. when i was home visiting my family in connecticut, i went to classes at the gym with my mom. i went to spinning, weight training classes, and zumba. and i loved it! it feels so great to try something new and move my body in new and challenging ways. when i got home to cali i knew i had to continue with the fun classes! yesterday i took a weight training aerobics class that majorly kicked my ass. in such a good way. in a way that yoga never could. and it's kind of refreshing and interesting to surround myself with different types of people than "yogis". i know it will also help the development of my brand to practice other forms of exercise and see what people like to wear. yoga has become sort of a peripheral exercise lately. a down dog and some forward folds complete my exercises, rather than make up the bulk of them.

i'm obviously not saying any or all of the above is true for you. but when a practice begins to feel like a weight, like something you have to do whether you enjoy it or not, it's time to reevaluate. it's so easy to get trapped in patterns of living that we don't realize are holding us back from new adventures.

i'm still working on finding the balance in my life, where there is enough challenge, relaxation, meditation, and fun. it's a neverending journey, that's for sure. but i am seeing now i'd like to keep moving on the journey rather than stay in one place.



into the mist...

my sister, patrick, liam, and i had such a beautiful weekend together. my soul still feels so light and free from it all! we hiked in the topanga sunshine, and then watched the fog roll in from the sea. as the sun went down we entered the mist on the way down from eagle rock. it was truly magical! afterwards we all ate indian food, drank some wine, and had a little dance party. i loved that day, and will hold all those moments so close to me, in a beautiful canyon in my heart.


purusha dance party.

just me and my sister. wearing purusha. dancing. no biggie ;) .


why is your stuff so expensive?

good day! how are you?

recently i've gotten quite a few messages, and comments on websites like wanelo.com, stating or asking why purusha clothing is 'overpriced'.  trust me, it is hard to see a comment that says, 'lol. all their stuff is sooo overpriced.' because: A) i want my clothing to be accessible to the masses and B) this is the most fair price i can sell at at this moment. i would LOVE to sell purusha pants for $50. LOVE.

so this post is really to address exactly why my clothing is 'expensive' (at least in comparison to a few other brands). the first point i'd like to mention is the sad reality that we as consumers have grown very accustomed to fast fashion at low prices. stores like h & m, forever21, american eagle, etc are counting on us to buy more clothing that is trendy and not well made so we will be back for more in 6 months, once the trend is over and the seams are falling apart. i am not an economist, but i think it is safe to say that we as americans have noticed prices going up pretty much everywhere. food, gas, body products, rent, etc have steadily risen. yet clothing prices haven't changed much. i can still head into the gap and buy a tee shirt for about $10 on sale, the same as i did in high school. and i think we all know why these prices are artificially low, because the clothing is made overseas in countries where we can get away with paying workers 10 cents- 90 cents an hour. workers in china where there is no regulation for environmental harm to the earth or the people, mostly women that work 12 hour days in harsh factories. and honestly, i am sick of hearing the statement, 'we give them jobs.' no. we could give them better jobs, pay them fairly, yet we don't. because we don't have to. and most corporations only care about profit, not making a long lasting positive impact on the world. and with american unemployment at 9%, i think it would be best to buy american made, to provide decent jobs for our own people.

so that's my little rant there. on to the good happy stuff!

many of you know this already but purusha clothing is made 100% by myself and my wonderful seamstress nadya in LA. all fabrics are bought locally in downtown LA. nadya sews everything, i dye and screen print everything. both of us, out of our own apartments. we yoga pants dealers meet once a week under the freeway (lol!) and exchange clothing and fabrics. all my tags, emailing, marketing, shipping is done by me. i am absolutely not complaining here, i love my life and my work, but this is why my prices are somewhat high. because everything is made one by one. if/when i begin manufacturing my stuff in factories in LA in larger quantities, i will most likely be able to lower my prices.

i just want you all to know that my prices aren't what they are because i'm trying to see what i can get away with. or anything like that. i adore my customers, and would never ever take advantage of you. my two passions are clothing design and caring for people. my employees' and my customers' happiness is a weight i feel very honored to carry. there is no satisfaction in the world better than pleasing customers with my products and an experience, and providing employees with a happy work environment. sometimes i consider never manufacturing in a factory, because i want to keep my employees close to me and have control over how well they are treated. i won't be able to lower prices as much then, but i love the idea of creating a purusha family. i'm also going to start selling purusha at wholesale prices to shops, so this is another reason why prices had to change. purusha needs to grow in all directions.

i hope this all makes sense. last week when i was home visiting my family in CT, one of my best friends christa, said the kindest thing to me (she always says kind things though! hehe). she said, 'purusha is so pure. it's all love, and goodness, and not tainted with anything bad.' something along those lines. this is all i've ever wanted for my brand. no hate, no negativity, no sweatshops, no taking advantage of the earth or people. i want it all to be good and pure, so when you buy purusha you feel nothing but bliss. not that sinking feeling in knowing you bought something that may have been ripped off from a small designer, or that was made my slaves. only compassion, lightness, gratitude, and love. that's where it's at.

i truly hope to continue to serve others in a beautiful way for the rest of my life. and never at the expense of others. so this why purusha is what it is. namaste.


i have a new camera!

so good right?! no photoshopping, no make up... just a bad ass camera. canon 60D :) thanks to my dad for this AMAZING christmas gift! and to patrick for taking beautiful photos, and for giving me a photography lesson.

i'm wearing the navajo leggings and the signature organic cotton sports bra if you're interested... heheh!

have a beautious day!


from CT to CA.

so i'm back home in CA now, returning from my other home in CT.

what a crazy difference between these 2 places. i can't believe they are only a plane ride away. how lucky am i to have 2 beautiful places to call home?!

connecticut was just a really happy time. i hung out at balanced yoga in new haven and met up with the amazingly kind and gorgeous owner lori, went cross country skiing with my mom, went to tons of freakin' hard gym classes with my mom, ate many delicious meals, spent time with my best friends, and lounged by the heavenly pellet stove in my parents house. and took time off from work, which was so needed. to step back and remember... where you come from, who knows you better than anyone, why i dream what i do, what direction i want my life to go towards, when i can come back next... it's like the best recharging of your battery possible, going home.

now i feel like i have such a different perspective on my life here in california. i don't feel as scared of the newness, like i have my dad and mom's love and belief in me living in my heart, lifting me up, and holding my hand. and the history, safety, and love from my dear friends, it all makes me feel more comfortable with being myself as i work on making new friends. it's so healthy to go back to the places you know really well.

what else is new... i'm finally almost done putting together a wholesale catalog so i can start selling purusha at stores and yoga studios!, patrick and i are joining a gym (we took spinning yesterday! today i took a weight training class. damn hard. but such a fun contrast to yoga.), i'm listing some new clothing from the lori love line, and i am thoroughly enjoying and appreciating the abundance of sunshine here in topanga. you can't not be happy when it's this nice out!

so all is well in my little world today. happiness, silliness, and goodness abound these past few weeks. i am so grateful. namaste.

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