into the mist...

my sister, patrick, liam, and i had such a beautiful weekend together. my soul still feels so light and free from it all! we hiked in the topanga sunshine, and then watched the fog roll in from the sea. as the sun went down we entered the mist on the way down from eagle rock. it was truly magical! afterwards we all ate indian food, drank some wine, and had a little dance party. i loved that day, and will hold all those moments so close to me, in a beautiful canyon in my heart.


  1. Perrtyyy!!!

    You left out some highlighted photos though.... the sexy kiss, the funny ugly face, and the perfect photo of you with your hand on your chin.

    but glad you added the jumping photo of you. so funny!!

    LOve yoU! Love this spot too. lets do it again ASAP

    xoxo kell

  2. i am so happy i found your blog:) i'm a bit envious of you; you inspire me; and you make me want to have another baby so my sweet little lovebug, laurel, will grow up with a sibling & a best friend, close and dear like you and your sister! -- because that certainly isn't the sibling situation i have or grew up with, and i so want that for...the love you two have! your day looked amazing! xx kelly

  3. ...and your photos make me miss home oh so much - many places in california i call home -- this place: rochester ny, so so far from home. in every possible way. your photos bring me a little piece of home:)



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