my favorite kind of comedy.

i really really enjoy comedy that doesn't know it's comedy.

like exceptionally bad american idol auditions, stairway to stardom (a low budget talent show from the 70's on youtube), not funny comedians, and tone deaf people (like cathymay15 on youtube).  i think i actually like this kinda stuff more than real comedy... ahhh... is that wrong!?

last night patrick told me about this really terrible movie called 'the room'.  it's like 10 years old, so i am a little upset i haven't been laughing at it and quoting it for the last 10 years... but oh well, it's not too late!

pat and i watched the whole movie last night on youtube.  it was soooo god awful and hilarious!  please, if you haven't seen it, watch it tonight.  i can't believe it's real, and you won't either!

here's one of my favorite clips:

get ready to laugh and cringe!


girls with brains.

i saw this photo on reddit today and thought... yes!  intelligent women really are the "hottest" in my opinion.  i don't know why the hell it ever became trendy for women to dumb themselves down.  i think this is fading out, and was part of the whole clueless/paris hilton/britney spears era of the late 90's and early 00's.  hallelujah for that!

just as it's important to treat your body right, and maintain it by exercising and eating well; we have to look after our minds and nourish them with new information and literature and facts on the daily!  

i love learning and changing my mind.  it's really kinda scary, but fun to read something that challenges your "opinions"... i recommend it!  

the past couple days i've been doing a lot of thinking about the human conscience, and in the power of remembrance. the worst thing we can do intellectually is ignore or forget what we've learned.

and why would we want to betray the truth?  because it goes against our cravings, our egos, our deep set beliefs.  our subconscious is a deep and wise sage, while our conscious mind is kinda like a teenager- i want this now and i don't care about the consequences.  

i have much more to say about our big and beautiful womanly brains tomorrow; but for now, for today, let's focus on deep deep breaths that reconnect us with that wise old subconsciousness.

i vow to remember what i know, and to live in a way that serves the highest good i can imagine.  

i'll be posting tomorrow or thursday about what i've learned and reflected on about the choices we make with our $$, especially regarding the industry i work in: the fashion industry.

may you have a beautiful and harmonious day!  namaste.


home life.

photo c/o bomobob

this weekend was sweet.  

i got to participate in an awesome local festival- the collinsville community unity day at downright music- and sell and share my wares with some kind folk.  i even did improvisational yoga to live music (pat was playing the drums!). and the bliss went into the night; dancing and laughing, sharing in moments with people i love.  it was brilliant.

sunday was the perfect compliment to the high energy warmth of saturday.  i cleaned our whole house, cuddled with liam and patrick and listened to the rain, and made a simple nice stir dry veggie dinner and then homemade brownies....mmmm... and watched some of star wars episode 1.  too good.

sometimes i feel so enveloped in love and light that it's a challenge for me to not hold on tight to the moments.  but, this is life isn't it?  savory and rich happy moments come and go, and satisfaction is only achieved through hard work and endurance through the rain.

i wish you all a happy week; and may we each enjoy every breath, every moment, with gratitude for this chance to be alive!  



time out.

take a break from your day and practice a little yoga. 

it'll make the rest of your day SO much better, i promise.  

deep breaths.  xo.


i'm a little late to the show... er movie...

star wars.

yes.  somehow i grew up never seeing star wars (thanks dad, jk).

i freakin' LOVE these movies.  i've seen bits and pieces of them, but never all the movies, in their entirety, in order. now i know what everyone's been talking about!!!, and i can wear my 1983 return of the jedi little boy's t-shirt with pride!

episode IV- great.  episode V- amazing.  episode VI- return of the jedi- f'in brilliant (and i haven't seen all of it yet, so please don't say anything.  i'm watching the last 50 minutes tonight over dinner!!  my days now revolve around working hard so i can sit and watch star wars.)

i laughed, i cried, i got chills.  star wars- where u been my whole life?!!  can't believe i'm finding the TRUTH of the force and the all powerful jedis NOW, after 28 lonely years!

what i love about star wars:

1. e-woks.

oh my god, how cute are they?!  like little teddy bear native americans.  i need one.

2. leia.

damn this girl's got it all.  she's beautiful, intelligent, funny, and bad ass!  leia ends up strangling this shitty dude jabba the hut when shit goes down- it rules!!

3.  luke skywalker.

luke's so brave, and knows he has to face his destiny.  man, he's got to do the scariest thing imaginable- kill his nut ball evil father than wants to dictate the universe!- and he just goes for it, goes to darth, understanding and trusting his duty to the force.  it's awesome to watch how much luke changes from episode IV- VI.  he starts off a simple farmer's boy, and now he's almost a jedi and has so much confidence and strength to fight for what's good!

4. han solo.

i love han.  he's sexy and funny, cocky and tough.  i wish he could be a jedi... but oh well.  i love when he's about to be frozen in carbon and leia says 'i love you.' he says 'i know'. so awesome, so han.

5.  this scene.

ok i'm officially a star wars nerd and proud of it!  who's coming with me to the next star wars convention!? ;)



laughing- it's one of my favorite things to do...

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