home life.

photo c/o bomobob

this weekend was sweet.  

i got to participate in an awesome local festival- the collinsville community unity day at downright music- and sell and share my wares with some kind folk.  i even did improvisational yoga to live music (pat was playing the drums!). and the bliss went into the night; dancing and laughing, sharing in moments with people i love.  it was brilliant.

sunday was the perfect compliment to the high energy warmth of saturday.  i cleaned our whole house, cuddled with liam and patrick and listened to the rain, and made a simple nice stir dry veggie dinner and then homemade brownies....mmmm... and watched some of star wars episode 1.  too good.

sometimes i feel so enveloped in love and light that it's a challenge for me to not hold on tight to the moments.  but, this is life isn't it?  savory and rich happy moments come and go, and satisfaction is only achieved through hard work and endurance through the rain.

i wish you all a happy week; and may we each enjoy every breath, every moment, with gratitude for this chance to be alive!  




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