everyday is so precious.

a day is never promised to us, and we forget this all the time.

i am so thankful for every morning, as another chance to live as best we can and not take a thing for granted.

yet, repetitive daily living can get mundane.  we all know how it is to live the grind.  eat, work, love a little, sleep.  repeat.

and it doesn't always go as it's written out in the planner.  normal stuff happens, shit happens, beauty happens.  and we have no idea what's going to happen!

being alive is mundane?!  only when we're not paying attention...

when we focus on our work, breathing deep and being present; we realize nothing is difficult, nothing is a drag.

every moment is special because it's new and it's alive and it's ours.

each day i work on purusha orders, plan for my business' future, practice my yoga, spend a little time with people i love, take small breaks for playing burgertime and facebook (what?!), and take my doggie boy out for an outing.  liam continuously teaches me so much about joy, and how to return to appreciation and freedom.

i don't want to have to wait to look back at at how good this all was.

we are surely wise enough now to see that it is more than good.  it's perfect.

we're all here where we're supposed to be, at this time for a reason.  let every blessing and assistance of goodness from people and places we love be a springboard for better things to come.

and when we find ourselves taking everyday life for granted, breathe deep and remember each breath is a form of worship and thanks to the universe.  every day, as average as it may seem, is so completely sacred because it is given to us.

and one day, we will have opened all our gifts.  we want that dawn to be a celebration of the love and appreciation of those gifts of days.

not one day wasted or unappreciated, this is how to be alive.

enjoy your everyday my loves.

sending you a giant hug!  i am honored to be sharing life with you in this moment in this beautiful universe.


a day in the big city!

good day all!

hope you had a super relaxing love-filled weekend!

know what?  it's true what "they" say (they, as in wise people), that you really have to leave your home base, leave your comfort zone, and do different things- all the time!  to grow and become better versions of ourselves, we have to do things maybe we aren't super comfy with doing.

good thing is, the effort is ALWAYS worth it.  and the more we do these scary things, the more we remember this to be true.  we are innately strong and capable.

i am currently upgrading to hayley 2.0.

the new hayley travels alone, does hand stands with no wall behind her, and meets people that inspire her!

this weekend i drove down to strala yoga nyc and took an arm balance workshop with the sweetly and gracefully talented noelle beaugureau.

noelle photo c/o robert sturman

i've been working on hand stands for a long time, and FINALLY am feeling ok with doing them without a wall behind me.  so i thought, what better workshop than an arm balance class?!

me smothering noelle with lovin'!!  ;)

noelle's kind open-heartedness is contagious.  i could tell everyone felt warm and special in her presence, and we each received our own hands on attention with adjustments and a warm smile.  no one was inhibited about trying out the more challenging poses.  we fell and tried awkward new things and it was beautiful.

noelle led us into arm balances in such a nonchalant and effortless, yet safe and instructive way.  poses that i honestly dread doing, i found myself in before i even knew what was going on!  it was awesome!  i really enjoyed how noelle showed us, and had us practice only about 5 different arm balances; so we could let the new feelings in our bodies and minds sink in for a bit.  

a few things from the workshop are tattooed in my mind now.  and they are super helpful lovely things.  i learned (or remembered) to let go of attachment to a pose.  sometimes i get so obsessed with accomplishing something (like a hand stand)  that i forget there will always be one more hurdle to jump over, always another pose to be met.  and then what?  begin a new cycle of desire and work and attainment?  for what?  so my ego can be somewhat satisfied for a moment while my higher self is locked up?  why?  this is not the way of the true self.  

noelle gently kept pulling us back to this point, that it's only a pose.  and if you want it, great, but the only way to it is practice.  no magic, no shortcuts, nothing amazing happens overnight, and nailing a pose doesn't make you a better person.  of course challenging poses are fun, but we need to leave it at that.  however, often with challenge comes the fear.  and fears are dissolved only when faced every day with non-judgement and compassion for the self that must watch the mind's thoughts.  

when i feel myself stressing about yoga (oh my god, so silly when i see this sentence written out, what a paradox!), i get myself laughing and feeling fine when i reflect on why i practice.  

everyone has their own reasons to practice.  my main drive to do yoga is to relax, build strength and flexibility, reunite my body and mind, and to face fears.  nowhere in my practice is there the need to become a gymnast. 

if i view my yoga in a superficial way, it helps when my higher self bring this shallow view to the surface, if that makes sense.  when i'm feeling frustrated because i can't straighten my legs in titibasana, i tell myself- yoga asana is only amateur gymnastics.  i'm not trying to become a gymnast (obviously, but my silly ego wants to show off!) or a cirque de soliel perfomer, so why the hell should i care if i can't do a pose "perfectly"??  right?!  

i practice yoga to unearth the real hayley; the hayley that is always there and unchanging amidst the anxiety, the worries, the excitement, the joy.  sometimes it just takes a person you admire to remind you of that. 

so thank you noelle for helping me to reestablish my practice and come back to my initial intention with my yoga.  (and thank you for the subtle adjustments in my poses that allow me to work with more ease and less effort.)

this morning my practice was just for fun.  what it should be.  why push myself all the time?  for what purpose?  i no longer have an answer for these questions.  the purpose is in the non-purpose.

me and the darling tara stiles, owner of strala yoga nyc.

after the workshop i walked around the city for a while, inhaling the energy and embracing the bustle.  i haven't went away on my own in a bit, so it was really sweet to wander about anonymously.  

i love visiting the city and traveling to regain a healthy new perspective on life.  this week i am feeling the harmony in knowing that everything healthy, balancing, and beautiful takes a long time, lots of practice, falling, and looking fears in the eye.  

thank you universe for allowing me to spend the day with loving kind souls and for reuniting myself with the abundance of love and sweetness waiting to be rediscovered within my own soul.  

i'm liking hayley 2.0 a lot, and i can spot hayley 3.0 in the distance.

'till next time fears...


a break.

patrick, liam, and i took a nice little mid day stroll down to the river today.  i love living close to the water, even if there is a terribly stinky sewage treatment plant nearby (collinsville city planners- wtf were you thinking!!).  patrick calls this place 'the poop factory', and man i am immature 'cause every time i hear 'poop factory' i laugh stupidly hard.  today the poop factory's stench was at about a 5. 

anywho, we all had lot of smiles and laughs!  i can't not be happy around these dudes!

i feel like the people (and animals!) in my life are such gifts.  i almost can't believe they're mine.  not like these living things are my possessions of course; but more like they're mine because they're something i've created and nurtured to want to stay near me.

i never want to exit this place of love, and i know i will never get tired or bored of what i have.  waking up with my 2 best friends is like christmas morning every single day.  our lives and loves are so precious aren't they?

side note, this iphone camera is not even fair.  every picture looks awesome and there are no photography skills involved whatsoever.  instagram ap, i like you a lot.  

hope you are having a pleasant day, and i send you that are reading a piece of love from my heart to yours!


cozy night.

good evening!

i recently joined the 21st century and got an iphone.

here is some exploring i did with it tonight...

today was dark, rainy and a little cold; but liam and i made the best of it.

now we're drinking tea, drying out, and melting into the night...

good night my sweet loves!  stay warm!


purusha perfume. 

hello dear ones!

i love scents.  the nostalgia, the memories, the places in the world they conjure up... i can't get enough.  i used to love buying different perfumes to sort of signify the phases of my life.  when i wanted to feel like something or someone else, i'd choose a new scent that brought me to that place.  i loved CK truth, ralph lauren romance, bvlgari, etc.... but now as i've become more of a "natural" person, i kinda think artificial perfumes stink... like i feel like they stink like a bitchy girl... not that all women that wear perfumes are bitches of course (i still have a perfume called 'flaming june' that i adore); but man, some artificial perfumes just smell like ass!

in the past few years i've come to love essential oils.  i love how they smell true, like the real thing.  what i don't love is how quickly the scent disappears.  so what i've been working on is creating all natural essential oil based perfumes that last.  and i'm beginning to find some success!  it's a lot of fun too, like my little hobby outside of making clothes.  the aromas relax me at the end of the day and i always really look forward to mixing new scents.

what i'm creating is purusha perfume!  i'm going to start with one signature scent, and then go from there and perhaps create more unique scents.  for the original perfume i'm mixing together all my favorite smells (many of them pictured above).  i've finished my first prototype, and i am kinda in love with the smell.  it's earthy and warm and sweet, yet slightly floral and herbal.  i can't wait to share it with you!

once i have the perfume perfected i will be selling it on etsy, and on my new website that is coming out in about a month!!!  i am super pumped!!  i really hope you all love it too.

lots of good things on the horizon for purusha.  thank you all so much for your support and love and care.  i couldn't do anything without you!  love you all.

hugs and namaste to you. 

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