everyday is so precious.

a day is never promised to us, and we forget this all the time.

i am so thankful for every morning, as another chance to live as best we can and not take a thing for granted.

yet, repetitive daily living can get mundane.  we all know how it is to live the grind.  eat, work, love a little, sleep.  repeat.

and it doesn't always go as it's written out in the planner.  normal stuff happens, shit happens, beauty happens.  and we have no idea what's going to happen!

being alive is mundane?!  only when we're not paying attention...

when we focus on our work, breathing deep and being present; we realize nothing is difficult, nothing is a drag.

every moment is special because it's new and it's alive and it's ours.

each day i work on purusha orders, plan for my business' future, practice my yoga, spend a little time with people i love, take small breaks for playing burgertime and facebook (what?!), and take my doggie boy out for an outing.  liam continuously teaches me so much about joy, and how to return to appreciation and freedom.

i don't want to have to wait to look back at at how good this all was.

we are surely wise enough now to see that it is more than good.  it's perfect.

we're all here where we're supposed to be, at this time for a reason.  let every blessing and assistance of goodness from people and places we love be a springboard for better things to come.

and when we find ourselves taking everyday life for granted, breathe deep and remember each breath is a form of worship and thanks to the universe.  every day, as average as it may seem, is so completely sacred because it is given to us.

and one day, we will have opened all our gifts.  we want that dawn to be a celebration of the love and appreciation of those gifts of days.

not one day wasted or unappreciated, this is how to be alive.

enjoy your everyday my loves.

sending you a giant hug!  i am honored to be sharing life with you in this moment in this beautiful universe.


  1. Those are some of the best words I've heard in a while! Love this Hayley, thank you for reminding me to greet everyday with wonder and celebration for what it is..another gift to be enjoyed.You make me so happy to be known as your maother and life long friend.xxo

  2. aw love u with all my heart mama. thanks for giving me life. xo xo



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