today, i'm feeling it.  from every direction.

love's the best isn't it?  it makes me care less about ME and my silly little needs.  instead i want to give, share, and put others first.  having a partner makes this more clear to me, because i can practice at home :).

it's funny, i never thought i would be able to give the things i wanted to someone else, and feel really good about the decision... but love changes you, softening the heart and confronting the ego.

i am eternally thankful for the people in my life that i love and for these people loving me back!

it is the purpose of being human, i believe... to collaborate this love in order to achieve beautiful, universe-altering things.

and it all starts with self love and the ability to love just one other person; to realize how similar we humans are, and how basic are needs are for happiness and satisfaction.

LOVE.  i'll take it.  it takes me!


  1. I love this post. You write straight from the heart with so much honesty. Your love of life is contagious, Hayley! ( and love the photo op). Love , Colleen

  2. True story girl :) awesome pics xoxo

  3. Aww Cuties!! You guys make my heart full!! <3 <3

  4. thanks colleen. xo xo xo

    sydney- yes! thanks for coming by my dear girl! xx

    kelli- love u. xxxxx



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