the view from one of my last runs up here on west camino cielo

good morning!

today i am remembering to let go of expectations, and just have faith that all will work out beautifully. patrick, liam, and i don't have an apartment yet and we are moving out of our place monday! crazy right?! and maybe it's even more crazy that i'm not really worried at all. i know, i trust in the universe, that we will find a happy home for ourselves at the right time. it seems like a difficult thing to do, to not control or yearn or wish otherwise, but it's actually so much easier to say 'this is perfect. this is all a part of a bigger plan.' because it's true! there's a home waiting for us somewhere, and we need the time to find it! life will go on as usual and i am SO grateful everyone and everything i love is safe and sound as they should be. nothing is wrong, and we will find our place here in california. and until we find that place, there are so many other welcoming places for us to be! and it's friday!!!

life is beautiful, i am lucky, and i trust in the universe. namaste.


some day...

i will go on a yoga retreat. i've never been! have you?

my sweet friend cynthia runs a beautiful retreat center in costa rica called sea salt. how magical does it look?! waking up everyday in paradise, practicing yoga, and then going out to the ocean for surf lessons- what could be better?! i'm going to go there in my mind, right now! it's been dreary in santa barbara this week, and man, can i just say i would be in heaven  to take some time off and spend time in the tropics! wanna come with me, in our minds?! and then let's go there for real... next retreat is in august! sounds pretty pretty good....

check out this sweet spot called sea salt. see you there? ;)


hot new pants!

hey all! hope you're having a beautiful day!

ok, so what cha think of these new pants?! i just LOVE them. they are so comfy and flattering too. i bought the 12" wide stretchy lace fabric in LA's fashion district. what a find! oh my when i grabbed it, i had to contain myself from buying the whole roll! however i do have plenty, so pretty lace waist pants will be their way to my etsy shop very soon!

but first, i wanted to ask you, what other colors would you like to see these pants in? the lace is white so i can dye it virtually any color, and same with the pants. these pants are hot pink fading into warm apricot. my sis is suggesting a seafoam green fading into sky blue. what colors do YOU imagine?! let me know!

and keep an eye out for these pants in my shop! sometime today or tomorrow...

thank you for your input! xo.


my mama, the angel.

oh geez, i just love having my mom near by. she makes me feel so safe, confident, and supported by the universe. she's the best reminder that i'm here for a reason and a crucial piece in this puzzle that is life. i don't want mother to ever leave! she's the sweetest person i've ever met, kind to all people, humble in her vast talents, and super hilarious. what more could you need in a mom?!

these moments over the next 2 days before she goes will be cherished and held close to my heart. oh mom, i love you!


sunday activities.

lucky lucky me. my mama is here, at my house! i couldn't be happier to be surrounded by so much love!

this weekend we had a grand ol' relaxing time together: my mom, kate, pat, liam, and i. heaven!

oh and on friday night we had a merry celebration up here on the mountain with everyone above; plus colleen, linnea, and our whole mountain family that lives on the property. it was our last weekend here before we start packing up to move to nowhere next weekend. yes, nowhere. we don't have an apartment yet. BUT, we found the PERFECT PERFECT place this weekend. it's just outside of ojai, and truly, when we stepped in there, we just knew it was right. there are a few other people looking at it, so man, fingers crossed so hard that we get it! i am asking the universe to bring us just exactly what we need. i do hope though that it's that apartment... could you please send some positive thoughts for us? thank you!!!!!!!

yesterday was beautiful! my mom started the day with a painting, and we had a delicious breakfast. i attempted eggs florentine, and they came out pretty delicious! after breakfast we headed to ojai for a joyous hike and a scrumptious meal at the farmer & the cook.

i feel refreshed and ready for the week, but i also feel so warm inside because my mom is still here. mmmmm so nice.

hope your day is lovely!


cheers to 5 years!

us drinking our fresh pineapple juice 

horray! what a good day 4/20 is!

because, on 4/20/2007, patrick and i met for the first time. :)

what an unlikely, funny, somewhat fuzzy scenario. it was free beer night at hoops 'n hops, a local dive bar in our hometown of simsbury. i had just moved back from nyc 3 weeks ago, and patrick had moved back from st. louis, mo a few months ago. my best bud christa convinced me to go out and enjoy the free beer (is this even legal?!). and enjoy the free beer, we all did! i was borderline black out drunk, dancing wildly and free. i don't remember how i started talking to patrick, but pat says suddenly i was just there standing in front of him, looking up at him, and a big smile and a "hi!". patrick said he had been watching me dancing and liked what he saw. lol. a drunk fun mess! 

i wish i could remember more, but i suppose that's the trade off, because i probably wouldn't have approached patrick if i didn't have beer confidence and silliness running through my veins! so we hung out, and i remember just looking at pat's gnarly blood tattoo on his arm, and thought, hmmm this is interesting. the main thing i remember is patrick pulling me into a booth on his lap and giving me the sweetest kiss. so bold, so amazing. i called patrick that night when my friends were driving me home, and i honestly have no recollection of it! but pat called me the next day and asked if i wanted to get together. i was thinking, how did you get my number?! when we did hang out again a couple days later, he played back my drunk dial for me, and man was it ridiculous. but i'm glad i had the drunken balls to call him, 'cause i don't know if we would have reconnected again if i hadn't. i don't think i've been as drunk as that night since, but i'm so glad i indulged on that very special 4/20.

patrick and i pretty much hung out every single day since the day we met. 

and it keeps getting better and better. i love more than anything learning more about each other as the years go by, and loving whatever we find. i never thought my man would also be my very best friend. its the biggest surprise and blessing in my life.

so moral of the story: love may be waiting for you at your local dive bar, and don't be afraid to enjoy the beer ;). 

this is pat and i's song today...  ❤  ❤  


on the bright side.

made in china isn't always bad. i'd like to know what businesses have their products made in factories like this one, because i would most definitely support them! 

i truly dream of a business like the one above, of a factory where people work in happy conditions. 

no matter where purusha is made, it is my highest priority to provide transparency to the customer. we should know how our garments end up on our bodies- where the fibers are grown, where the clothing is made, and who makes them. i am such a firm believer that clothing made in a positive environment brings positivity and peace to the wearer.

purusha people, someday on a larger scale, i promise to continue to bring you beautiful clothing made with care by people treated with love!



dog cuddles and screen prints.

this is what i'm doing today! the usual, really. working on purusha orders and taking moments to snuggle and kiss liam.

but today is going to be a little different and more exciting than the norm... because... my mom's coming to visit!!!!!!! 


see you soon mama!


do you like my pants?

i hope you do, 'cause i sewed them all by myself! the very first prototype of purusha's 100% handmade pants!

i really love sewing! it's relaxing and fun, and once you have a pattern down you really can't go wrong. i am super pumped to be able to start sewing my own pants! once i master this pattern i'll be able to offer more unique sizes for each body type; AND i can create legging capris, wider fold over pants, bigger flare/bell bottom fold over waist pants, etc! what fun! part of me is like, why didn't i do this sooner?! yet... all in good time little butterfly... is what i tell myself ;) .

all in good time. patience and discipline will take us where we need to go, changing us from caterpillars to butterflies!

have a beautiful day!


lizard's mouth.

oooh! this weekend patrick, liam, and i ventured down the road from our house to lizard's mouth!

as you can see, it was pretty pretty awesome. amazing views, caves, boulders, little ponds, and a view of snow covered mountains. my eyes just feasted on it! 

pat, liam, and had some nice talks on the outing about our plans for the future. we're moving out of our place in less than 2 weeks!! it is so beautiful up here, but the craziness has just taken its toll on everyone. 

today we resume our apartment hunt and i'm back to work! no matter what happens or where we go, i am beyond grateful for all the love surrounding me, and for the goodness that encompasses purusha. i am positive i have the nicest customers in the world, and truly, i am honored to create clothing for the beautiful souls that connect with mine.

hope your monday is a good one! xo

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