the view from one of my last runs up here on west camino cielo

good morning!

today i am remembering to let go of expectations, and just have faith that all will work out beautifully. patrick, liam, and i don't have an apartment yet and we are moving out of our place monday! crazy right?! and maybe it's even more crazy that i'm not really worried at all. i know, i trust in the universe, that we will find a happy home for ourselves at the right time. it seems like a difficult thing to do, to not control or yearn or wish otherwise, but it's actually so much easier to say 'this is perfect. this is all a part of a bigger plan.' because it's true! there's a home waiting for us somewhere, and we need the time to find it! life will go on as usual and i am SO grateful everyone and everything i love is safe and sound as they should be. nothing is wrong, and we will find our place here in california. and until we find that place, there are so many other welcoming places for us to be! and it's friday!!!

life is beautiful, i am lucky, and i trust in the universe. namaste.


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