photo of the day liam at sweetheart mountain, collinsville, connecticut
photo of the day 'me and my starlight' intimate things by purusha is coming out with holiday undies! all you need is love bralette... panties to come! joy to the world bralette... boy shorts on their way! all you need is love chemise... heart on front! all orders come wrapped- a great cheap yet chic gift for a girlfriend! i'll be posting these in my etsy shop soon!
photo of the day this is a painting i've been working on! its not finished yet, for i am feeling unsure about the color scheme to continue with. . . any suggestions?!
photo of the day these are the crazy running sneakers i want for christmas mom! currently i am enjoying running with my nike frees, but they are beginning to get very worn in! i also want to take it up a notch with the whole running barefoot idea. . . see the toe sneakers here! : vibram five fingers
photo of the day today i am feeling very excited about the cosmos! the cosmos make me feel so small, yet so cozy still in this world that is holding me in its breath!!!!
photo of the day this is not one of my photos today, but a photo of some earrings i think are lovely that i found on etsy. check em out or buy them here: classic crystals i have been enjoying myself a little too much recently on modcloth. this website has SO many great dresses at good prices!! i can't get enough! i want this one, the chimney sweep's daughter dress. it reminds me of something i would have dressed my american dolls in. . . i'll be posting my underwear line this weekend!! :)
photo of the day life force
photo of the day pat loving his new guit- gibson 339!!!! yeah boyee!
photo of the day a long shutter speed view of a field
photo of the day liam listens to patrick read bartlett's quotations over supper.
photo of the day this is an out-take from the purusha photo shoot in santa barbara; one of my oldest and best friends, colleen. i'm really missing california and my girls out there today!
me and my starlight purusha is coming out with a line of underwear! there will be some really cute bralette and boy short or brazilian cut pantie sets that are specially designed and packaged for the holidays! the intimate line is called 'me and my starlight'... i'll be putting up an etsy shop by the end of this week featuring some negligee that will put everyone in the mood for holiday love!! here's my rough draft for the line's lil' logo! i love making logos!!!
photo of the day have you ever been to mount washington in western massaachusetts?! i had no idea such beautiful mountains existed so close to me- only about an hour away! i hiked the alander trail a few weeks ago with my good friend solomiya! we also landed on the most beautiful end elegant, yet rustic style restaurant on the way home, the stagecoach tavern. we hope to come back here soon and perhaps stay a night at the race brook lodge! oh boy! click here to check out the lovely stagecoach tavern!
photo of the day today i will begin posting a new original photograph daily! what fun!
purusha for drishti santa barbara recently i created a line of clothing for the lovely yoga apparel/supply shop drishti, in santa barbara, california. here is a sampling of some of the clothes! all clothing can be reproduced in anyone is interested! contact me for more sample of a front side of a hang tag backside of hang tag my beautiful mother being a tree in long sleeved lotus v-neck tee and california blue yoga pants bliss lounge pants the backside of the waist of bliss lounge pants- ananda in sanskrit = bliss backside of 'om namah shivaya' yoga pants and beating heart v-neck tee front of beating heart tee vineyard yoga pants, butterfly beach yoga pants, and 'om namah...' yoga pants fern lounge pants and freedom tank top close-up of fern on lounge pants treeism v-neck tee more changes and surprises are around the bend for purusha... stay tuned!
me! purusha will set you free!

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