happy friday.

aah the weekend.  it's here again- time to rejoice!

just lil' ol' me with a pile 'o logs ;)

this weekend i plan on hanging with some friends outside, going to my mother's art show, running with liam, going to yoga class, building and burning new screens, eating indian buffet, coming up with new purusha designs, and finishing my django painting!

what are you going to do with your much deserved free time?!

hope this weekend brings you much love, peace, relaxation, and fun!  


i like art!

hello all!  good day to you!

so as you may or may not know, my mother is an awesome lady AND an incredible painter!  she's been painting for over 25 years and has produced 1000's of amazing pieces of art.

my mom is such an inspiration to me- to live my dream, to not quit, and to just devote myself fully to my craft.  i know i'm biased here, but others agree, that my mum is one of the nicest, funniest, and most creative people i've ever met!

see (and buy!) her artwork on her website: catherinemelliott.com

these are some of my favorites of her recent works:

'after the rain' 
(very appropriate for this moment in ct!)

'amber light'

'clouds over shore'
this photo doesn't do this one justice at all!  it's huge in real life and and has so much loose fluidity about it!

'mclean woods'

'aquinna, martha's vineyard'

'the guest room'
this one is sooo sweet and cozy!

so my mom has given me a few painting lessons and she's such a great teacher!  i was painting successfully within the first lesson!  i paint from time to time for my own pleasure, but haven't produced anything in a while.

for a while i was cranking out a lot of work (until purusha took over my life really), and my last painting kinda scarred and scared me to paint again! ha!

patrick loves for me to paint him his favorite musicians.  so far i've painted tal farlow, john coltrane, and miles davis.  tal and john, came out great.  miles, not so much.

he ended up looking like a cross between beavis from beavis and butthead and michael jackson post facial surgery.  pat and i call him 'beavis davis'.  i even handed the painting over to my mom to work on, but it was really a lost cause.  

perhaps someday i'll post a picture of the beavis davis painting online, but ehhh it's embasassing!  so anyways, that painting like took my mojo, and i was afraid to try again.  but with a little encouragement from my friend laura i attempted a painting again! 

this painting is patrick's very late christmas gift (yeah it took me since christmas to get my courage up!).

his request this time: django reinhardt.

i'm pleased with it!  it's not done yet, but almost!  just gotta fill in a bit more and touch up the face a tad.  i know the right eyeball needs some work too.

what do you think?  AND the music notes are actual notes from 'nuages'.

any critiques?  what should i add/change/delete?!

i try to paint as well as my mom, but man it's a lot to live up to and she's got about 25 years on me!

thank you mom for sharing your love of colors, light, humor, and creativity with me! 

i love you mom, and i love you my readers!  



how do i wear my purusha?

"but, if you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you create yourself." ~carl gustav jung

good morning my honeys :)

how is everyone doing today?

i love the days when i wake up and am just engulfed with creativity.  i can't sleep in, i arise with a quickened heartbeat, and am filled with an enthusiasm for the day much like a child on christmas morning.  today i am super excited for what i will create :)

how lucky we are to have conscious minds that can create something out of little bits of seemingly nothing!

so as i keep mentioning, i posted on my etsy shop an offering to screen print/dye/redesign/give life to YOUR old clothes.  

i screen print and reinvent my own clothes all the time- it's so much fun and an earth friendly thing to do!

i made this dress from 3 old t-shirts,  and screen printed a few designs on it too! (it's one of the first things i ever screen printed a few years ago- and i still love it!)

  if you have any ideas for upcycling your clothing- throw em  this way!  i'd love to get creative with you!

AND today i am listing these awesome 'dirt leggings' on etsy!  

super earthy and versatile, they can be worn and look beautiful with just about anything!

i screen printed this sweet old michael stars tee of mine too :)  

happy day my friends!  hope this day brings you much creativity. 

 look around- inspiration is everywhere!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


one of a kind tuesday.

today's special item is the 'all you need is love baby doll top'!

what's simple is true.  LOVE.  all we need to solve the problems of our world.

(and sunshine doesn't hurt either!)

we all have so much more in common than we have in differences as humans sharing this little planet.

let's focus on what unites us, not what separates us; this need for love, support, and community from fellow beings. 

liam says, 'all i need is love and bones and runs!'

i hope everyone is having a peaceful and beautiful day!

let's  remember, when conflicts arise and we seem to disagree on so much, we all need LOVE. 

 if we look out for one another, protect the planet and it's beings, accept and embrace those for who they are (if they aren't hurting anyone or forcing their views on anyone), we have everything to gain :)  

i love you!


monday meditation.

"each night, when i go to sleep, i die. and the next morning, when i wake up, i am reborn."
~mahatma gandhi

good day sweeties!

i had a wonderful weekend, did you?!  i hung out with friends and got plenty of time to relax, recharge, and even be reborn in a way.

i consider myself to be a spiritual person- in that i place sentiment in values i find to be worthy and precious.  i hold on tightly to those that love me, to simple gestures of kindness, to opportunities to learn and grow, and to the evolution of my body and mind.  

so i interpret easter weekend as a metaphor for rebirth in myself.  we all deserve more chances, as getting it right the first time can sometimes simply be impossible.  there is always the opportunity to start over, to say your sorry, to wipe the slate clean, and to try again with more compassion and more dedication.

life is amazing in that way.  i truly believe we all have the instinct to make things right, and offer forgiveness and respect to every being. 

this week i vow to forgive myself and others, to let go of grievances, and allow myself to be reborn into the divine spirit so sacredly inherent in all living things!

i spent my day of rebirth with the people i love!

sweet baby pat plays me tunes on easter :)

the dogs

what a sweet being!

my mum made us an incredible brunch!- quiche, sticky buns, fruit salad, pancakes, sweet potatoes, bacon- what a feast!!

my dad digging in!


AND! my parents are so sweet they planned an easter egg hunt for me and patrick!  it was soo fun!  there was even a special golden egg hiding somewhere...

give me the eggs!!

so there's an old kettle in the garden and i found the last egg in there.  i was reveling in my 'finding the most eggs glory' when pat looked deeper in the kettle and found the golden egg in the spout!  my dad figured someone would take the bate and not find the golden egg- he was right!  damn!

i am dumbfounded at my defeat :(

what's inside the golden egg?!


patrick is feelin' good ! ;)

i'm so happy for him- can't you tell?!

pat's so sweet though- he used the cash to buy us some sushi last night :)  

what a great day to have fun with my loved ones and reflect on the rebirth of my own childlike and open spirit!

hope you all had a merry weekend!  much love to you out there!


time out.

good afternoon my dears!

today i am working hard all day!!

i couldn't be more thankful for my awesome customers.  everyone i've made clothes for i absolutely adore.   i feel like i have friends all over the world wearing purusha :)  how lucky am i?!

the best thing about working for myself is i can take little breaks whenever i need to and cuddle with my doggie boy liam :).

hope you have a peaceful weekend; taking lots of time out for love, for yourself, and to recuperate from all the good hard work you've done this week!   


last night.

wearing pat's clothes!  hehe

dogs 'n fruit!

baby got back!

dancing to chris brown's 'forever'.  dork!

handstand time!

i like to do handstands against the refrigerator ;)

so yesterday was 4/20- patrick and i's 4 year anniversary of the day we met at hoops 'n hops, a dive bar in simsbury.  oh man- not the place you'd ever expect to meet a decent dude... but ha miracles happen!  it was free beer night and my bud christa dragged me out... i drank too much and met a guy my friends called 'emo'.  i danced all night and kissed a boy named patrick <3.  i got his number somehow and drunk dialed him that night.  pretty romantic so far eh?!  the next day he called me back and wanted to hang out.  normally i don't just go hang out with strangers, but for some reason i went with it.  i called him back and he came over to hang at my parent's house with me the next night.  we talked for hours and cuddled.  it was perfect.  we've hung out everyday since!  

there are no photos of him here cause he was the photographer last night!  we made dinner together- meyer's farm grass fed rib-eye steak from the meat house, dirty rice, and a big salad with our favorite annie's goddess dressing!  it was sooo tasty!  (forgot to snap some photos of our plates!)  we watching comedy, drank a little whisky and beer, and then i passed out early per usual.  seems whenever i have a couple drinks i just go to sleep.  ha a little lame, but my body knows best!

my bunny boy liam.

my other man <3.

working on my backbends- i've come so far!  my back used to be STIFF!!

no more postures for tonight!  

i love my life <3.  

patrick and i are living proof that love just might be waiting for you at that shitty bar down the street.  

you never know!


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