last night.

wearing pat's clothes!  hehe

dogs 'n fruit!

baby got back!

dancing to chris brown's 'forever'.  dork!

handstand time!

i like to do handstands against the refrigerator ;)

so yesterday was 4/20- patrick and i's 4 year anniversary of the day we met at hoops 'n hops, a dive bar in simsbury.  oh man- not the place you'd ever expect to meet a decent dude... but ha miracles happen!  it was free beer night and my bud christa dragged me out... i drank too much and met a guy my friends called 'emo'.  i danced all night and kissed a boy named patrick <3.  i got his number somehow and drunk dialed him that night.  pretty romantic so far eh?!  the next day he called me back and wanted to hang out.  normally i don't just go hang out with strangers, but for some reason i went with it.  i called him back and he came over to hang at my parent's house with me the next night.  we talked for hours and cuddled.  it was perfect.  we've hung out everyday since!  

there are no photos of him here cause he was the photographer last night!  we made dinner together- meyer's farm grass fed rib-eye steak from the meat house, dirty rice, and a big salad with our favorite annie's goddess dressing!  it was sooo tasty!  (forgot to snap some photos of our plates!)  we watching comedy, drank a little whisky and beer, and then i passed out early per usual.  seems whenever i have a couple drinks i just go to sleep.  ha a little lame, but my body knows best!

my bunny boy liam.

my other man <3.

working on my backbends- i've come so far!  my back used to be STIFF!!

no more postures for tonight!  

i love my life <3.  

patrick and i are living proof that love just might be waiting for you at that shitty bar down the street.  

you never know!



  1. aww cute entry sis. So glad I could see what you were up to on your anniversary night! Looks great :)
    I remember when you told me about Patrick, and then when mom told me about Patrick. Hehe. Now it's four years later! So much has happened. What a special thing you guys got going.
    He's such a lucky man to be with you.

    Happy for you guys. And so much good things on the way!!

  2. Love this post. And especially the last line..."patrick and i are living proof that love just might be waiting for you at that shitty bar down the street."

    Thanks for that ;). And, would love to see more pics of you guys together!!!


  3. hehehe...I remember Patrick letting me listen to that drunk voicemail you left him. You were laughing hysterically about nothing in particular, and I could hardly make out what you were saying. Can't believe it's been four years...holy awesome ;)

  4. sissy- thank you, youre the sweetest :) we miss u so much!! <3

    meghan- i know youre so right- i need to post some photos of us. im going to shoot some this weekend! hehe glad u liked the las line ;) it's true!

    laura!!! haha yeah i heard the VM too- it was soo odd?! 4 years since ive known you too :) pat has introduced me to so many fine folk. i love u!

  5. Sexy dress lady! You're so pretty :-) Looks like you had such a fun night with your man! (and your other man!) Yay :-)

  6. aw thanks rosy ;) i know this dress is hot- i feel like a little vixen in it ;) it's nice to get out of my usual yoga pants when i can! hehe ;) yes we had a great night ! hope youre well. and thanks again for all your awesome cooking inspiration on sweetness of life! <3 xo

  7. I'm happy that we inspire each other! I think we would be such good friends in "real life." I hope hope hope that we get to meet up in person some day!!!

  8. ME TOO lady!!! oh my gosh, i need more friends like you <3 hehe real life- i know i have so many computer friends, i need more real life ones ;) me and my man are planning on moving to ojai, cali in january- so perhaps we will!! love u rosey!



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