how do i wear my purusha?

wearing: YES! (say yes to life's possibilities!) tank top by purushapeople, jeans by silence & noise (redesigned with an 'all you need is love' original purusha screen print!), turquoise earrings by free people (gift from my sis!), and boots by some shop in soho, nyc (i forget?!).

recently i put up a listing on etsy to redesign your own clothes just for YOU!  

i pretty much screen print all of my clothing :)  it's too sweet and unique ya know?!

ok so this is liam and i...

and this is a funny and poor photoshop job of liam wearing a top hat and a little bow tie. 
heheh what cha think?!


so funny, my friend corey also modeled this hoodie today!  love it!

i want to know, how do you wear your purusha?!

have a beautiful day my loves! 
♥ ♥ 


  1. #1. those skinny jeans with the all you need is love, TOTALLy rock!!! i want them!! i need to find a pair of light color skinnies for summer for you to screen print that on them! i love the black on the light gray, so rocker!
    #2. liam looks like such a chap in his faux top hat and bow, i love it! you need to make him a doggie purusha garment, like a tie dye hankerchief with a phrase like "all you need is love...and a bone"

  2. rach- you have some great ideas!! can you please come work for me?! heheh ;)

    id love to screen print anything for you! it would be my pleasure my dear! :)

    haha im glad you enjoyed the photo of liam all dressed up ! ;) i was thinking- really?! no ones gonna comment on my funny photo?! yes i need doggie stylings- LOVE 'all you need is love and a bone." so good. im going to have to use that. definitely.

    seriously girl i need some ispirimi updates!!

  3. hahaha, glad you enjoy my ideas! i always look forward to reading your blog! you inspire me to blog too!
    also, i wish blogspot would make one aware when comments are commented on. does this make sense? you know, like facebook says, so and so commented on your picture etc. because i just noticed this comment like 10 days later hehe!, i gues i just need to check them more. :)
    your clothes are awesome and i really love how purusha is evolving!!! keep it up lovey!!! beautiful work!
    <3 rach

  4. rachael- i used to not get notified too when people would respond to posts- you have to go in to your account and change it- then youll get emails everytime someone replies! hehe :)

    thank you SO much for being so sweet, supportive, and inspiring!!! love u baby girl! xxx



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