my pregnancy journal : 9

How far along?
35 weeks and 3 days.

How big is the peanut?
Last week's doctor's appointment he was 5 lbs! So he's right on track now for his age :) Hooray!!!

Total weight gain/loss?
It's hard to remember what my weight was last appointment. It's so insignificant now to me. Maybe 25 lbs?

Maternity clothes?
Dresses only! I think my belly though is permanently stretching some of them out. Haha!


Still pretty good! I wake up more often at night to pee and change positions, and find my hips hurt sometimes. But I'm getting at least 8 hours, sleeping in bed with Patrick and the boys.

Best moment this week?
Well I was very very happy at our last appointment to hear the little man is the right size now! And we saw him in an ultrasound which is always a treat.

Lots and lots of heartburn, it makes me feel like I'm going to throw up sometimes. :/ Some mild Braxton Hicks contractions here and there, stomach is practicing getting tighter and then releasing, I have to move more slowly or my belly gets a sharp pain. Totally out of breath walking up hills. Overall not super comfortable, but I still say this is pretty easy!

Food cravings?
No. Eating is kinda annoying recently because of heartburn and feeling very full.

Food aversions?
No, but not loving eating like I was in the second trimester. It feels more like a chore to be sure I get lots of nutrients and meals.

Labor signs?
I don't think so, but I do have an intuition he's coming soon. Not that I am predicting when he's coming, but it just feels like it's time, ya know? He sure kicks a lot, and the doctor said he's upside down now, so that's good!

Belly button in or out?
In, but my belly button feels verrry tight! ;)

What I miss?
I am starting to miss my body, but I don't really like to think or speak those words. I want to be as grateful as possible. Also, being pregnant is a great conversation starter, so that makes me not want this to end! Everywhere I go people talk to me about babies, birth, parenthood... It's very cool to feel so connected to the human race in this way, and everyone has been really kind to me. I miss buying cool clothes, haha. Can't buy much, but of course that's ok.

What I'm looking forward to?
Getting a facial as a reward after delivering the baby. But really, looking forward to all that comes after delivery. I'm trying with all my might to be brave and excited and open to whatever happens in labor, but I won't lie. I'm scared, and looking towards after it's done is comforting.

Ha I don't even know anymore. Getting up at 7:30 this morning? Getting dressed in something cute today and getting coffee with Patrick. Haha, I don't ask for much these days!


How are you bonding with your baby?
We're setting up and building all the things for him. We built a sidecar sleeper to attach to the bed for him to sleep with us, we're setting up his room, so that makes me feel good. I also got my hospital bag all packed with clothes for him and me, my favorite Evan Healy oils for massage... We don't really have a birth plan, but I'm planning on what we can do to deal with pain and be entertained. I kinda think that's all you can do. Birth is unpredictable, but it's nice to know I'm bringing some things that comfort me.

That didn't really answer how I'm bonding with him. It's how I'm bonding with Patrick, which has been incredible! But bonding with the little guy... I'm reading 'Mindful Birthing' right now and I really love it. It's all about bringing meditation into my daily life, and ultimately to my birth experience. To be ok with not knowing, to be ok with whatever I face and stay in the moment, and be ok with whatever choices we make in the delivery room. Basically just how to be present and ride the waves of the experience. I can't think of anything more important to prepare than that. Deep breaths, and keep coming back to the now with my baby. I know this will help me as a parent too, and to see what the little guy needs and be patient with our new wonderful family. AH so much LOVE!

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