monday meditation.

"each night, when i go to sleep, i die. and the next morning, when i wake up, i am reborn."
~mahatma gandhi

good day sweeties!

i had a wonderful weekend, did you?!  i hung out with friends and got plenty of time to relax, recharge, and even be reborn in a way.

i consider myself to be a spiritual person- in that i place sentiment in values i find to be worthy and precious.  i hold on tightly to those that love me, to simple gestures of kindness, to opportunities to learn and grow, and to the evolution of my body and mind.  

so i interpret easter weekend as a metaphor for rebirth in myself.  we all deserve more chances, as getting it right the first time can sometimes simply be impossible.  there is always the opportunity to start over, to say your sorry, to wipe the slate clean, and to try again with more compassion and more dedication.

life is amazing in that way.  i truly believe we all have the instinct to make things right, and offer forgiveness and respect to every being. 

this week i vow to forgive myself and others, to let go of grievances, and allow myself to be reborn into the divine spirit so sacredly inherent in all living things!

i spent my day of rebirth with the people i love!

sweet baby pat plays me tunes on easter :)

the dogs

what a sweet being!

my mum made us an incredible brunch!- quiche, sticky buns, fruit salad, pancakes, sweet potatoes, bacon- what a feast!!

my dad digging in!


AND! my parents are so sweet they planned an easter egg hunt for me and patrick!  it was soo fun!  there was even a special golden egg hiding somewhere...

give me the eggs!!

so there's an old kettle in the garden and i found the last egg in there.  i was reveling in my 'finding the most eggs glory' when pat looked deeper in the kettle and found the golden egg in the spout!  my dad figured someone would take the bate and not find the golden egg- he was right!  damn!

i am dumbfounded at my defeat :(

what's inside the golden egg?!


patrick is feelin' good ! ;)

i'm so happy for him- can't you tell?!

pat's so sweet though- he used the cash to buy us some sushi last night :)  

what a great day to have fun with my loved ones and reflect on the rebirth of my own childlike and open spirit!

hope you all had a merry weekend!  much love to you out there!


  1. you two... perfection xoxo

  2. thanks my loves <3 riah, we miss you!! where are you?! xxx



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