i like art!

hello all!  good day to you!

so as you may or may not know, my mother is an awesome lady AND an incredible painter!  she's been painting for over 25 years and has produced 1000's of amazing pieces of art.

my mom is such an inspiration to me- to live my dream, to not quit, and to just devote myself fully to my craft.  i know i'm biased here, but others agree, that my mum is one of the nicest, funniest, and most creative people i've ever met!

see (and buy!) her artwork on her website: catherinemelliott.com

these are some of my favorites of her recent works:

'after the rain' 
(very appropriate for this moment in ct!)

'amber light'

'clouds over shore'
this photo doesn't do this one justice at all!  it's huge in real life and and has so much loose fluidity about it!

'mclean woods'

'aquinna, martha's vineyard'

'the guest room'
this one is sooo sweet and cozy!

so my mom has given me a few painting lessons and she's such a great teacher!  i was painting successfully within the first lesson!  i paint from time to time for my own pleasure, but haven't produced anything in a while.

for a while i was cranking out a lot of work (until purusha took over my life really), and my last painting kinda scarred and scared me to paint again! ha!

patrick loves for me to paint him his favorite musicians.  so far i've painted tal farlow, john coltrane, and miles davis.  tal and john, came out great.  miles, not so much.

he ended up looking like a cross between beavis from beavis and butthead and michael jackson post facial surgery.  pat and i call him 'beavis davis'.  i even handed the painting over to my mom to work on, but it was really a lost cause.  

perhaps someday i'll post a picture of the beavis davis painting online, but ehhh it's embasassing!  so anyways, that painting like took my mojo, and i was afraid to try again.  but with a little encouragement from my friend laura i attempted a painting again! 

this painting is patrick's very late christmas gift (yeah it took me since christmas to get my courage up!).

his request this time: django reinhardt.

i'm pleased with it!  it's not done yet, but almost!  just gotta fill in a bit more and touch up the face a tad.  i know the right eyeball needs some work too.

what do you think?  AND the music notes are actual notes from 'nuages'.

any critiques?  what should i add/change/delete?!

i try to paint as well as my mom, but man it's a lot to live up to and she's got about 25 years on me!

thank you mom for sharing your love of colors, light, humor, and creativity with me! 

i love you mom, and i love you my readers!  



  1. I love you Mom too and I have some of her paintings<3

  2. Love this!! Totally unique approach

  3. sheryl (anonymous ;) ) thank you! we love u !!

    thank jess :) xxx

  4. Aww You both are so inspiring and talented! I'm so lucky to be a part of you two.
    Keep painting sistah! Your amazing.


  5. How sweet! Your mom is very talented! And so are you, love! Beautiful! I love Django Reinhardt! One of our doggies is named Django :-)

  6. kate- thank you i love u!!! im so lucky to be a part of you!

    alaina- thank you so much <3 .. django- i know, he's the man! so so cool your doggie is django too ;) i bet he's a very sweet doggie <3 xoxoxox



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