hot new pants!

hey all! hope you're having a beautiful day!

ok, so what cha think of these new pants?! i just LOVE them. they are so comfy and flattering too. i bought the 12" wide stretchy lace fabric in LA's fashion district. what a find! oh my when i grabbed it, i had to contain myself from buying the whole roll! however i do have plenty, so pretty lace waist pants will be their way to my etsy shop very soon!

but first, i wanted to ask you, what other colors would you like to see these pants in? the lace is white so i can dye it virtually any color, and same with the pants. these pants are hot pink fading into warm apricot. my sis is suggesting a seafoam green fading into sky blue. what colors do YOU imagine?! let me know!

and keep an eye out for these pants in my shop! sometime today or tomorrow...

thank you for your input! xo.


  1. Those pants are great! I see an aqua fading into orange!

  2. Just a thought, and I don't know if this would work but keep the leggings a solid color and make the lace multicolored.

  3. Loving the idea of greenish blue!

  4. LOVE IT ladies! thank you!!!!! xxxx



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