cheers to 5 years!

us drinking our fresh pineapple juice 

horray! what a good day 4/20 is!

because, on 4/20/2007, patrick and i met for the first time. :)

what an unlikely, funny, somewhat fuzzy scenario. it was free beer night at hoops 'n hops, a local dive bar in our hometown of simsbury. i had just moved back from nyc 3 weeks ago, and patrick had moved back from st. louis, mo a few months ago. my best bud christa convinced me to go out and enjoy the free beer (is this even legal?!). and enjoy the free beer, we all did! i was borderline black out drunk, dancing wildly and free. i don't remember how i started talking to patrick, but pat says suddenly i was just there standing in front of him, looking up at him, and a big smile and a "hi!". patrick said he had been watching me dancing and liked what he saw. lol. a drunk fun mess! 

i wish i could remember more, but i suppose that's the trade off, because i probably wouldn't have approached patrick if i didn't have beer confidence and silliness running through my veins! so we hung out, and i remember just looking at pat's gnarly blood tattoo on his arm, and thought, hmmm this is interesting. the main thing i remember is patrick pulling me into a booth on his lap and giving me the sweetest kiss. so bold, so amazing. i called patrick that night when my friends were driving me home, and i honestly have no recollection of it! but pat called me the next day and asked if i wanted to get together. i was thinking, how did you get my number?! when we did hang out again a couple days later, he played back my drunk dial for me, and man was it ridiculous. but i'm glad i had the drunken balls to call him, 'cause i don't know if we would have reconnected again if i hadn't. i don't think i've been as drunk as that night since, but i'm so glad i indulged on that very special 4/20.

patrick and i pretty much hung out every single day since the day we met. 

and it keeps getting better and better. i love more than anything learning more about each other as the years go by, and loving whatever we find. i never thought my man would also be my very best friend. its the biggest surprise and blessing in my life.

so moral of the story: love may be waiting for you at your local dive bar, and don't be afraid to enjoy the beer ;). 

this is pat and i's song today...  ❤  ❤  


  1. Haha this is sooo cute!! Love you guys.
    Very special. So glad I could see ya yesterday :)



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