do you like my pants?

i hope you do, 'cause i sewed them all by myself! the very first prototype of purusha's 100% handmade pants!

i really love sewing! it's relaxing and fun, and once you have a pattern down you really can't go wrong. i am super pumped to be able to start sewing my own pants! once i master this pattern i'll be able to offer more unique sizes for each body type; AND i can create legging capris, wider fold over pants, bigger flare/bell bottom fold over waist pants, etc! what fun! part of me is like, why didn't i do this sooner?! yet... all in good time little butterfly... is what i tell myself ;) .

all in good time. patience and discipline will take us where we need to go, changing us from caterpillars to butterflies!

have a beautiful day!


  1. They're lovely...the purple shade is amazing. Nice work! Nice handstand too! (I'm just now working on taking mine away from the wall so I'm enamored )

  2. If I had the money I'd buy a Purusha wardrobe! So far I have 3 beautiful pieces :) Can't wait to see your new creations.

  3. i love love love those fade-into- another color thing!! bravo! i can't can't can't wait to see you soon now!! heart heart heart you so much.(can you tell i'm so happy and ready to fly to you?)

  4. Okay- I am definitely in love with those leggings! Please put them up on etsy because I am all over those!
    I also wanted to say thanks for introducing me to yogaglo thru your blog. Obsessed!
    Love love love Sarah



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