purusha perfume. 

hello dear ones!

i love scents.  the nostalgia, the memories, the places in the world they conjure up... i can't get enough.  i used to love buying different perfumes to sort of signify the phases of my life.  when i wanted to feel like something or someone else, i'd choose a new scent that brought me to that place.  i loved CK truth, ralph lauren romance, bvlgari, etc.... but now as i've become more of a "natural" person, i kinda think artificial perfumes stink... like i feel like they stink like a bitchy girl... not that all women that wear perfumes are bitches of course (i still have a perfume called 'flaming june' that i adore); but man, some artificial perfumes just smell like ass!

in the past few years i've come to love essential oils.  i love how they smell true, like the real thing.  what i don't love is how quickly the scent disappears.  so what i've been working on is creating all natural essential oil based perfumes that last.  and i'm beginning to find some success!  it's a lot of fun too, like my little hobby outside of making clothes.  the aromas relax me at the end of the day and i always really look forward to mixing new scents.

what i'm creating is purusha perfume!  i'm going to start with one signature scent, and then go from there and perhaps create more unique scents.  for the original perfume i'm mixing together all my favorite smells (many of them pictured above).  i've finished my first prototype, and i am kinda in love with the smell.  it's earthy and warm and sweet, yet slightly floral and herbal.  i can't wait to share it with you!

once i have the perfume perfected i will be selling it on etsy, and on my new website that is coming out in about a month!!!  i am super pumped!!  i really hope you all love it too.

lots of good things on the horizon for purusha.  thank you all so much for your support and love and care.  i couldn't do anything without you!  love you all.

hugs and namaste to you. 


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