happy monday!

i am loving monday this week; new beginnings, a fresh start, and i feel good!  it might be in part because i had a totally fun and relaxing weekend.  i hope you did too!

this weekend i went hiking in the berkshires with my guys.  it was beautiful.

first we headed down to bash bish falls and soaked in the dewy air and the soothing white noise.

liam was in heaven, running and hiking around, fetching sticks and smiling at everyone. :)

the hike was long!!  well, compared to hikes in connecticut, it was long... but seriously climbing mount washington felt like we were mice in a maze... patrick and i kept thinking we were almost at the top as the trail would level out, but then we would walk for another mile and next climb a steeper part again and again.  it was a great mental and physical challenge!

liam loved every minute of it!

pat and i laugh so much at this picture!  at first you don't notice liam in the corner- and suddenly there he is!- looking odd and biting his lip, the little creeper!

after about 2 1/2 hours we made it to the top!  the first thing patrick said was, 'huh.  this view is anticlimactic'. haha!  it kinda is!  for how long and far we hiked it should have been more dramatic.  oh well!  we still savored the scenery and the brilliant sunshine!

liam told us jokes ;) .

we took off our shoes, and it felt GOOD!  my feet are having some issues right now, as you can see.

we laid in the sunshine, drank some wine and a smoothie and ate some raw food bars- yum!  liam shared in the bounty, as always.

look at this clown.

my funny love bugs!

i adore this star.

liam and i in the mouse maze!


i am beyond blessed and lucky.  this autumn i'm strongly feeling the abundance of goodness, warmth, love, and growth in my life.

wishing you a monday of renewal, loving hugs and gestures, positivity, and brilliant warm sunlight!


  1. It looks just like it did when I was there last year!! Remember going together?? And I remember it being long too! We were debating turning around a few times because I was afraid it was going to get too dark by the end. And mom disappeared on us too cuz she thought the top was never coming. The view looks just the same too. I agree your almost expecting more after the climb and then it's just rolling hills and regular new england scenery. But its ooh SOO beautiful! It's almost looking fallish there. Pretty soon it's gunna get cold. Ive been fall time home sick lately. I love fall activities!
    thanks for sharing. Beautiful! Liam is so adorable. And whats with the taped up foot??
    xoxo sis.

  2. haha yes i remember! it is cold here right now :( but not for long... me and pat are dreaming of cali right now!

    the taped foot- ugh ill tell you sometime, it's not something i want to post on the blog! hehe love u!!!



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