a break.

patrick, liam, and i took a nice little mid day stroll down to the river today.  i love living close to the water, even if there is a terribly stinky sewage treatment plant nearby (collinsville city planners- wtf were you thinking!!).  patrick calls this place 'the poop factory', and man i am immature 'cause every time i hear 'poop factory' i laugh stupidly hard.  today the poop factory's stench was at about a 5. 

anywho, we all had lot of smiles and laughs!  i can't not be happy around these dudes!

i feel like the people (and animals!) in my life are such gifts.  i almost can't believe they're mine.  not like these living things are my possessions of course; but more like they're mine because they're something i've created and nurtured to want to stay near me.

i never want to exit this place of love, and i know i will never get tired or bored of what i have.  waking up with my 2 best friends is like christmas morning every single day.  our lives and loves are so precious aren't they?

side note, this iphone camera is not even fair.  every picture looks awesome and there are no photography skills involved whatsoever.  instagram ap, i like you a lot.  

hope you are having a pleasant day, and i send you that are reading a piece of love from my heart to yours!


  1. Ok picture number 4 is AMAZING! I swear your pictures of Liam should win awards. They are so good!!

    Love your new camera :) Can't wait till you photograph me soon.

  2. Will you photograph me too Hayley ;)


  3. The puppy picture is just aaadorable!!

  4. sister- love u, can't wait to take pics of you too!

    brad- you are so sexy, of course id photohraph you! duh!

    ramsey- thanks for coming by love! xo xo



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