i'm a little late to the show... er movie...

star wars.

yes.  somehow i grew up never seeing star wars (thanks dad, jk).

i freakin' LOVE these movies.  i've seen bits and pieces of them, but never all the movies, in their entirety, in order. now i know what everyone's been talking about!!!, and i can wear my 1983 return of the jedi little boy's t-shirt with pride!

episode IV- great.  episode V- amazing.  episode VI- return of the jedi- f'in brilliant (and i haven't seen all of it yet, so please don't say anything.  i'm watching the last 50 minutes tonight over dinner!!  my days now revolve around working hard so i can sit and watch star wars.)

i laughed, i cried, i got chills.  star wars- where u been my whole life?!!  can't believe i'm finding the TRUTH of the force and the all powerful jedis NOW, after 28 lonely years!

what i love about star wars:

1. e-woks.

oh my god, how cute are they?!  like little teddy bear native americans.  i need one.

2. leia.

damn this girl's got it all.  she's beautiful, intelligent, funny, and bad ass!  leia ends up strangling this shitty dude jabba the hut when shit goes down- it rules!!

3.  luke skywalker.

luke's so brave, and knows he has to face his destiny.  man, he's got to do the scariest thing imaginable- kill his nut ball evil father than wants to dictate the universe!- and he just goes for it, goes to darth, understanding and trusting his duty to the force.  it's awesome to watch how much luke changes from episode IV- VI.  he starts off a simple farmer's boy, and now he's almost a jedi and has so much confidence and strength to fight for what's good!

4. han solo.

i love han.  he's sexy and funny, cocky and tough.  i wish he could be a jedi... but oh well.  i love when he's about to be frozen in carbon and leia says 'i love you.' he says 'i know'. so awesome, so han.

5.  this scene.

ok i'm officially a star wars nerd and proud of it!  who's coming with me to the next star wars convention!? ;)


  1. -Oh Hayley. :D Those movies are great. Glad you got to see them. My dad's good buddy of many years calls me "Princess Leia" every time he sees me. It never ceases to bring a smile to my face though I always argue that I need to put my hair up like her and I seriously need a laser gun!! :)

    But seriously, glad you found them. Now what other nerdy movies have you yet to watch??? :)

    <3 love those ewoks...

  2. leah- you totally are princess leia. and you look like her ! wow!

    i need to wear my hair like that too- so gorgeous <3

    im glad i found them too! 'bout time! ;)

    give me some dorky movie idears!

    ewoks. theyre the cutest things in the galaxy!

    xo xo



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