my favorite kind of comedy.

i really really enjoy comedy that doesn't know it's comedy.

like exceptionally bad american idol auditions, stairway to stardom (a low budget talent show from the 70's on youtube), not funny comedians, and tone deaf people (like cathymay15 on youtube).  i think i actually like this kinda stuff more than real comedy... ahhh... is that wrong!?

last night patrick told me about this really terrible movie called 'the room'.  it's like 10 years old, so i am a little upset i haven't been laughing at it and quoting it for the last 10 years... but oh well, it's not too late!

pat and i watched the whole movie last night on youtube.  it was soooo god awful and hilarious!  please, if you haven't seen it, watch it tonight.  i can't believe it's real, and you won't either!

here's one of my favorite clips:

get ready to laugh and cringe!


  1. "I definitely have breast cancer."

    I'm with you, unintentional comedy is way funnier than actual comedy.

    You need to see this film in LA. The last Saturday of every month, Tommy Wiseau (the actor/writer/director/producer) comes to the screening and answers questions (not that it clears anything up) and everyone screams out lines and throw things at the screen, Rocky-Horror-style.

  2. hhaha kevin, i knew you had to have seen this!

    ive heard about these screenings! i would LOVE to go to one! haha tommy wiseau in person- i couldnt imagine anything funnier. reason # 5,000,000 to move to cali- the room screenings ! ;)

    hope youre doing awesome funny old friend! sending you a hug!



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