from CT to CA.

so i'm back home in CA now, returning from my other home in CT.

what a crazy difference between these 2 places. i can't believe they are only a plane ride away. how lucky am i to have 2 beautiful places to call home?!

connecticut was just a really happy time. i hung out at balanced yoga in new haven and met up with the amazingly kind and gorgeous owner lori, went cross country skiing with my mom, went to tons of freakin' hard gym classes with my mom, ate many delicious meals, spent time with my best friends, and lounged by the heavenly pellet stove in my parents house. and took time off from work, which was so needed. to step back and remember... where you come from, who knows you better than anyone, why i dream what i do, what direction i want my life to go towards, when i can come back next... it's like the best recharging of your battery possible, going home.

now i feel like i have such a different perspective on my life here in california. i don't feel as scared of the newness, like i have my dad and mom's love and belief in me living in my heart, lifting me up, and holding my hand. and the history, safety, and love from my dear friends, it all makes me feel more comfortable with being myself as i work on making new friends. it's so healthy to go back to the places you know really well.

what else is new... i'm finally almost done putting together a wholesale catalog so i can start selling purusha at stores and yoga studios!, patrick and i are joining a gym (we took spinning yesterday! today i took a weight training class. damn hard. but such a fun contrast to yoga.), i'm listing some new clothing from the lori love line, and i am thoroughly enjoying and appreciating the abundance of sunshine here in topanga. you can't not be happy when it's this nice out!

so all is well in my little world today. happiness, silliness, and goodness abound these past few weeks. i am so grateful. namaste.


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