i love connecticut.

 it is SO good to be home. better than i ever thought. i can't believe how many AMAZING people are here. my friends and my family, oh my gosh, they are just the greatest. when i'm home i feel fully wrapped up in a circle of love and positivity. and, the lifestyle of not having to work, man, i could get used to it! not that i don't love my work and purusha (i've still been working on other purusha things!); but days spent taking fun classes at the gym with my mom, going to some thrift stores, cooking delicious foods, reading a good novel, they are what joy is made of!

and yesterday we had christmas!!! it felt just like christmas! nice breakfast, exchanged gifts slowly. my parents so generously gave me such thoughtful, timeless gifts. some highlights : small pink pearl earrings, a seafoam lace dress, a canon 60D!!!!, the most beautiful purse from bali ELF on etsy, herkimer diamond earrings from gather jewelry on etsy, and other small sentiments. i am SO SO lucky! ahhhh!!!!!

when i get back to california i know i will feel totally refreshed and renewed. i've decided i'm going to come visit connecticut once every 3 months, for every season. why not?! the flight is not that bad, and i need to have this time to reconnect with people who have known me my whole life. i know as i spend more time in cali i will develop deeper bonds with people, but there is nothing like going back to your roots.

i'm here until thursday morning, so today i'm gonna keep on living it up! namaste!


  1. Did you find a direct flight from SoCal to CT?! If so, please tell me! I usually fly to CT from San Diego via Dallas. It's not a bad route, but direct is always better :)

  2. hi miss victoria! no direct flights for me either. i actually changed planes 3 times. but i had plenty to do on the plane and just enjoyed the view! it was actually nice ! hehe ! xoxo



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