perspectives my mom and i were talking today and she got me thinking about all our own individual minds. no matter what, sometimes you just can't change someone's mind. actually a lot of times you can't change someone's mind. it's hard to leave it at that, but we are each entitled to our own beliefs. it's hard for me to see why someone can't see where i'm speaking from, but alas, others have separate brains from me with completely different wiring and experiences and memories. we will all think what we want to think. the woods don't have an opinion emptying my thoughts here...


  1. Thats the beauty of being in nature. It won't give you opinions, it doesn't try to solve anything. It just is. And it just listens in a very special way. It's nice to get away from human minds every once in a while huh?

  2. yes my lovely sis. i want to get out there and be opinionless with you! xoxo



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