Business is really hard. I can already tell that if I knew how hard it was to do this from the start, I probably wouldn't have began at all. It's good to be naive. And man do I sure feel like I've been naive. 

I'm changing a lot with my business. I've made some mistakes, but I'm proud to say I correct my mistakes pretty fast once I realize them. So that's good, right? One big change for purusha is, we're going to begin producing our more popular styles in an ethical factory in LA, and eventually have everything made "out there". I've found sewing in house to be too costly, timely, and not as perfect as I'd like. Perhaps once the brand has grown bigger I'll go back to having my own factory, but for now it's just not sustainable. This is a pretty big deal, as one of my big dreams for purusha has been to have my own merry sunlit factory. But you know what? In business you have to change your mind. You have to evolve and do what makes the most sense for the livelihood of your business. purusha comes first, and if it's not healthy, how can I employ people? I can't. Producing in a factory will even allow me to lower the cost of my pants, which would be pretty fabulous.

I've been dyeing, screen printing, and overseeing the sewing of my clothing for the past- geez it's been SO long!- almost 5 years! How crazy is that? I am 100% ready to leave the production of my clothing to the experts, and focus on what I think I'm much better at- growing purusha, managing, and designing and branding. That's the kind of stuff I'm excited to wake up for. And leaving production to the pros will just allow purusha to have better products. It's a win win.

Another cool thing about not producing in house is I can turn my factory into a design space/show room where I can meet with buyers and host little purusha events. It could be really cool.

So that's where I'm at right now. My mantras recently have been 'It's good to change your mind.' and 'I'm excited' (not nervous). I can honestly say I'm excited to take purusha in this new direction. It's time!


  1. Good for you Hayley, onward and forward!

  2. I'm so glad to see that your taking ownership that your clothing has had some serious mistakes. Just a few of the mistakes being, that they rip, and the seams burst. Let's not also forget the shitty screen printing job cracks and peels off. It's fantastic that your recognizing these mistakes since they have supported you financially all these years. Oh, and your lowering the cost of the clothing. About time! You should charge what your clothing is worth! Definitely no way near worth $98-$110 or more, because it rips and gets destroyed after just a few wears (even before that).
    The best part about this whole scheme that you have going is, you actually believe that your sharing health and happiness through fucking clothes! Are you kidding me! Also you charge all this money and then advertise that you give money to help others.... YOU GIVE 1% OF EVERY SALE (SERIOUSLY)!!!!!!!!! Your such a a money hungry person. Give more! You charge enough!
    Since when does clothing that costs $100 or more fall apart in less than 2 weeks? oh, I don't know, horrific assembled clothing. I'm so glad that more and more people are growing to dislike your shop and I've made sure that when people mention you that I share the real products you are selling. Therefore, reducing the amount of people that waste precious, hard earned money on junk and technically supporting an unemployed person who probably doesn't pay taxes!
    I consider your shop junk, along with your fake happy go lucky words. It's clear that your putting on an act. All that keeps coming to my mind is 1%.... 1%...1%...!!!!!! Pathetic is what you are. Get a real job that doesn't involve screwing people out of money.

    1. hey there.

      wow, i'm so sorry you're having such a negative experience with me and my business. if you've bought anything from me and it was really as awful as you are saying, i of course would be happy to work with you to make things right. please send me an email at and i'd love to remake whatever pants you had a problem with.

      the reason i have to charge what i do for clothing is because i'm a small business and don't get price breaks on fabric, dyes, or sewing. i also pay my seamstress and cutter a really great wage. (i joke my seamstress makes more $ than i do!)

      1% a month is actually a lot for a small business like mine. and i don't have to donate anything at all, you know what i mean? but it feels good. as a small business it's really hard to give more when you're barely breaking even.

      again, i'm truly sorry you're having such a bad day. i realize what you are saying is a reflection of you, and probably has little to do with me personally. but offer stands if you'd like me to replace or repair anything you've bought, i'd love to do that for you.

    2. What a very sad way to react to a negative experience with a product/seller! I won't defend Hayley for whatever mishaps happened with your purchases.(and she probably wouldn't expect me to) However, if you've purchased from her you have a direct line to her via email to attempt and request rectification. Did you try that channel before blowing up on her blogspace?

      I personally only have one item from purusha...a pair of pants I purchased two years ago that are still going strong with no quality issues whatsoever. Am I the exception or the rule for her items? I don't know. I do know they're one of my favorite pairs of pants. I also know if I'd had any issues with a product , I'd touch base with the source and seek out some sort of solution.

      Anyone who's read this blog for much time would hopefully see that Hayley is pretty candid about being human, knowing when change is necessary, and not always knowing the answers...but seeking them no less! I personally (and we all perceive verbiage differently), have never felt as if Purusha products push health and happiness through material goods. One of the posts from a few years ago has a meditation in it that I use regularly. I don't equate it with the pants I'm wearing at the just resonated with me. I choose not to purchase the items with sanskrit on them, as I am a Christian. That doesn't mean I don't believe in Purusha's philosophy, and their sharing of some ancient words and wisdom. I am also not naive enough to think that wearing dip dyed yoga leggings in a beautiful colorway will bring me any closer to enlightenment.

      So why do I even respond? I don't know. Maybe because I feel like someone reacting so strongly to the malfunctions of a product, seemingly without the intention to give the producer the opportunity to 'make it right' reeks of discontent. And that makes me sad. I love the idea of may all beings be happy, healthy, and free. Holding on to such anger, over a material product, just seems so confining to me. That, however, is just my opinion to an anonymous writer through a computer screen. Maybe I have it very wrong.

      Do I think Purusha's products are overpriced? Yes, I do. And that's a large reason why I only own one Purusha item. I love to support independent businessmen and women who work hard to produce a good or service that they, and their customers, can be proud of. But in the end , there's a cost-value consideration to be had. Why did I choose to purchase something that may not be worth the retail price? Because I know what it's like to pour your heart and soul into something and give it away. Because Hayley is one of the (few) retailers who will support the troops and their families by agreeing to ship to FPO/APO locations. Because she does indeed stand behind her product and always encourages the customer to come to her if there is a problem. Unlike so many mass retailers that turn the onus back to the customer when quality goes awry.

      I wish you all success in your revelations and upcoming changes! While I will never be flexible, skinny, beautiful yogini you are...I also don't believe your clothes will turn me into that. Sometimes it feels the models you use to showcase your clothing are of the most thin and beautiful, and very expected in California variety. It would be nice to see some not so young, not so thin, not so bendy women in your clothes. But you know I've touched on that before and it's simply a personal preference! Yoga comes in all shapes and sizes. I appreciate all that you share (and hopefully continue to do so) on your public space. And maybe one day your line will be more in tune with a price range that someone like me can afford.

  3. Awe Haley. I just so happened to open your page today to read these comments. So mean your a cutie keep doing what you love lady!

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