thinking about earth well this weekend i took a little break from purusha. i had a bread bake off with my dad- i made cardamom graham bread and he made a cheese anadama bread (there is no determined winner) and i did a lot of yoga and pilates! eating and exercising is my idea of a relaxing weekend! it's always helpful for me to take a step back from my business for a bit to see where i stand objectively from it all. how do i want to run my business and how will i do it?! the planet is a big factor in my business. i want to acquire wealth of course, but i do not want to harm any living thing in the process. is this even possible? i know the fashion industry is once of the most wasteful businesses in the world and 99% of cottons are heavily sprayed with pesticides. i don't want to call myself a 'fashion designer' or associate myself with the frivolous insanely priced trends that come and go. in this way i feel like i am the antithesis of the leaders in the industry i want to enter in to... people aren't caring less about the planet over time, they are caring more! i don't see this pattern reversing itself as we learn more everyday about human's effects on mother earth! i wouldn't be here if it weren't for this life sustaining planet; i think it would be senseless and cruel for me to live my life in a way that directly harms the soil that feeds me. and if i want purusha to give me a greater, wealthier, and healthier life i have to do business in accordance with my values. look for only organic cotton blends in purusha's future, constructed locally. i am also very passionate about giving jobs locally and supporting my community in any way i can! another dream i have for purusha's future in a global sense is to employ and support a village with purusha. i hope to travel more in the future and find a community that is underprivileged, give them jobs with beautiful conditions and excellent wages and trade with them fairly... i don't know too much about how this can be done now, but i think about it often... so hopefully putting this idea out into the universe will plant a seed somewhere... ah, dreams do turn to reality with time. i will continue working and be patient, all is coming!


  1. I love your ideas Sis. Following your heart and using your talents will get you far! I know you will keep these business values no matter what and people will respect that. Great thoughts, so glad I can see them on the blog!

    The breads sound goood. Wish I was there, your weekend sounded so nice. xoxox



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