inspired by black & prints.

you guys! happy friday!

since i've begun working with my wonder woman seamstress nadya, i feel like my clothes are taking on such a new look, a look i've dreamed of that i couldn't quite get on my own. i've wanted to to experiment with fabric beyond cotton spandex (don't get me wrong though, i do love cotton spandex!), fabrics like bamboo, organic cotton, modal, viscose, nylon, lycra, etc. and i've been dreaming of going beyond dyeing and screen printing alone. there is such much beauty and creativity to be found in fabrics and unique cuts of clothing. i find myself sometimes getting anxious because i have thousands of ideas swirling around my head for future clothes. it's a good practice to find peace in these moments, and realize there is no deadline. i'm most likely not going to run out of time, and the designs i envision will exist in reality eventually. or they won't because i've moved on to something else. and that's amazing too.

anywho, above are some swatches of fabrics that will be coming out in purusha's spring collection! woohoo! so rad right?! as i mentioned before, i've been going to the gym, taking weight classes and spinning classes, totally delicious and painful. lol. but what i've noticed in all my classes, and in most yoga classes too, is an abundance of black. i started out with a mission to eradicate black from yoga clothes. i only did colors. but people love black, always will. i love it too. it's clean, classic, and easy to wear. (if you don't have a yellow labrador). so my mind has been dreaming up how to make black a little more purusha. what i'm planning on doing is bringing the above prints into your basic black leggings. the beauty will be in the little details. you will love it, i promise! (don't worry, the colors aren't going anywhere either!)

check out these bad-ass swatches too! sooo beautiful right?! my other idea is mixing printed fabrics with very wearable solid colors. i don't want to reveal too much until the collection is photographed.. but i'm super excited!!!! ahhhh i love it!!!!

hope you have a most beautiful and peaceful weekend! xo.


  1. Kate (your sister)February 8, 2013 at 8:34 PM

    LOVE these fabrics. WAAHOOO!! Excited to see what you do with them.

    I've been shopping lately (what do you know)... and i kept thinking I'd so much rather wear purusha then this item!!

    Yay. Looking forward to seeing you and your new do's.

  2. Eek! My wallet just screamed! I'm head over heels with the elephants...I'll be on the look out for the stripes and tribal also! Great picks! So excited to see your new collection...keep up the beautiful work :) There's nothing more motivating to work out than wearing your own personality with some beauties!



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