no filter.

whenever i hear a really beautiful song, view a piece of art that speaks to me, or see a clean tasteful design, i think to myself... i love this creation, whatever it may be, because it seems like whomever created it truly and fully put themselves into it. and it's just perfection. not perfection as in flawless, but perfection in that their is no filter between the artist and the work, like the creation was a direct manifestation of the collection of traits this person has attracted.

i was driving home from the fashion district on saturday, feeling a bit overwhelmed at the tasks i put before myself, and was listening to some great tunes... bob marley, this day & age, the strokes, alexi murdoch... i sunk in deep to the songs and reflected on why it is that i love some songs so much. this love is a mix of feeling like the songs relate to me and my life, and a feeling of intimacy with the artist. like somehow these people have found a way to express themselves with clarity and with grace. 

i want that. i want to create from a place of authenticity and originality, from a place where my i'm not trying to hide anything or be anyone else. it is damn hard, i gotta say it.  i look at photos on tumblr and pinterest, and i know what i like. i appreciate such an eclectic blend of styles in all art forms. but it's easy to look at something or hear something and know you like it, while it's completely another thing to create something for yourself that you love and feel proud of. some pieces i design, i feel it. i know they are right and will be loved. other pieces are just so-so. perhaps like an album of music, it's really rare to create a collection that is 100% amazing. there are usually a few songs on an album you skip over.

everyday i try to pour myself into purusha, into the business model and into the clothing. my goal is to create beauty of course. but this beauty must relate to the people that see it. and i want people to feel like they are viewing a pure creation; something that wasn't forced or hasty, but rather something that is simple yet well thought out. it's definitely a challenge to design what feels true, and drop that filter between myself and my vision.

so here's to the journey. it never ends! but it feels good to take steps, no matter who small, towards designing the life of my dreams.


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