cute long shorts!

hi! how are you?

i wanna know, what do you think of these new purusha long shorts? like 'em? hate 'em? i kinda really like them. they are so functional, and still really cute. they're super soft, and seafoam green. can't go wrong with those 2 things, i think! they even have the ever so handy little pocket in the waistband. i'm about to go test them on a run. liam is dying to go now, can't you tell from the photo? hehe. what a nice boy. he's a good coach. so i must go!

have a beautiful wednesday my dears! xo.


  1. I love them! I think they would be really cute under a dress that might be too short to wear on its own. Love the color too!

  2. love them! i have a few pairs of "long shorts" like that and always work out in them! i usually wear leggings, but these are a good alternative when its too hott!

  3. so functional AND adorable AND wearable and and and I love them!



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