lace waist soooo i got a coupon in the mail from victoria's secret for a free pair of lace waist hip hugger panties... first, i admire that victoria's secret can do this, because it got me into the store. i normally don't think to shop at vic's, but i found some really sweet bras, seamless panties, and bikinis! they make the sexiest swim suits! i didn't buy anything, just picked up the free undies, but it got me thinking about how i like victoria's secret. i'd love to do some kind of fun little free coupon thing for purusha in the future. i was doing free boy short panties with every order over $50. i put this in my announcement on my etsy page, but i don't know if anyone noticed?! many customers were happily surprised when they received their free gift! anyway, i was curious after shopping to check out the victoria's secret website. i also was thinking... lace waist panties... similar to the lace waist yoga pants i make, but of course not nearly the same.... and then to my dismay i saw that victoria's secret is now selling their own lace waist yoga pants!!! i doubt they knew about purusha's lace waist yoga pants, but it just goes to show that ideas travel. once something is out there, especially in fashion, it's like a seed that somehow gets spread... this makes me think that i should never procrastinate with a new idea- just go for it before someone else comes up with it! halle's yoga pants from purusha last winter victoria's secret lace waist yoga pants for this fall i am back on a computer, thanks to my family that's always there to help me out! i know i couldn't create this business without the support and love from my parents. i am so blessed :)! my next post is going to be about essential oil blended perfumes... lovin em, and i want to share some ideas! ♥ hayley



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