om gym after taking pilates with all the awesome equipment, i began thinking, how can i continue a practice like this at home?? i am a big at home yoga practicer.. i try to make time for yoga daily and really honor myself with my own exercises, for whatever mood my mind and body are in that particular day. don't get me wrong, i LOVE a good yoga class, but i love also that when i am teaching myself i can create a workout that is just what i need for the moment. it's hard sometimes for me to be in a large group class and do poses that perhaps i don't feel the need to do that day, or are too easy/difficult or aren't being attended to well by the instructor. i also usually don't have much extra $, and have yet to find a studio or instructor in the area that i really like. i do love west hartford yoga (this place has some amazing teachers), but it's like 40-45 minutes away.... so a yoga class ends up being a 3 hour event in my day and i usually just don't have the time. kula yoga in avon is also pretty nice, but whenever i look to take a class, they don't work with my schedule, or the only class i can take is gentle yoga- i have a tough time getting myself to pay for that, as i could do it at home! sooo yeah, this is why i practice at home a lot right now! oh! and i did find a pilates studio in avon called 'inner space', but the classes with the equipment are soooo expensive! $35- $75/ hour! (i kinda expected this...) while in california i heard about 'om gym'! om gym is a yoga and pilates sling that you can hang just about anywhere- from your ceiling, from a tree, from a playground... it helps a lot with inversions, as well as many strength building sequences that one would do in pilates. i'd love to get one! has anyone tried om gym, or know anyone that has?! i'd love to hear more about it before buying it. i'm very intrigued! check out om gym here --> OM GYM . COM


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