purusha essential oil perfumes i am a big essential oil fan, especially super concentrated essential oils, like those sold at nantucket natural oils. my mom and i visited this shop in nantucket a few summers ago, and we laugh because i loved the woman that worked there! she had me in a spell, with her european accent and knowledge of aromas she tested on my wrist. hehe... if i could i would buy sooo many wonderful magical fragrances from nantucket natural oils! they're incredible and smell beautiful, yet the scents are very light and don't have that chemical alcohol smell that many perfumes have (make me a bit nauseous!). scents are so powerful, and can easily conjure up a memory you didn't even know was there. smells can be mildly seductive, transporting you to a special feeling, to another place, to a certain mood... an aroma i've been loving recently is angel's trumpet. i realize it is a very poisonous plant you can trip balls on!, but the smell... man it's enticing! it is powdery and feminine, tropical and sultry! one reason i love it is because there is a large bush (or tree?!) of it growing outside my sister and my best friend's apartments in santa barbara, california. so when i smell it, it brings my heart and mind right back to some positive feminine energies that i truly love :) i noticed a neighbor down my street has a few trumpet flowers in her yard, and i love to stop by and inhale them for a few minutes! ahhhhh.... if i could get my hands on an angel's trumpet essential oil i would be very happy! angel's trumpet another scent i like a whole lot is the smell of ferns! so summery, wild, and energizing! i enjoy taking deep breaths of their invigorating clean smell while running through the woods! the aroma of ferns makes me feel like i am smelling nature that is untouched by humans. i'd also love to find a fern essential oil perfume somewhere. fern once purusha has grown, i plan to create purusha scents. perfumes or oils are items that every woman desires, especially scents that a woman can feel are truly HER. a female's aroma can say so much about who she is. it can also bring a person to that mindset that she wants to be in, or towards the woman she aspires to be! someday i will create these scents, just not yet.... :) ♥


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